T5: Start of the Alpha

The wait is over! This afternoon our big alpha test of Travian V starts.In the last weeks we introduced you to a lot of changes regarding the gameplay, new features and graphics like the buildings. However now the players actually have the first possibility to test these innovations in the game. Some of you will be able to get a first impression of T5 through the alpha and try out the new features. Certainly it´s an alpha version so please don´t expect everything to be be perfect.

Surely you ask who is allowed to play the alpha?

Travian Games sent emails out to chosen groups of players in the last weeks. Above all the most faithfull players were considerer, who have been playing Travian for a long time. So, monitor your emails, it could be worth it!

Additionally a big survey was given out to a lot of players in the last weeks. Players who participated in the survey and helped us along with their answers, are automatically in the draw pot to win an alpha key.

The Beta version will start on Travians tenth birthday in September.

We wish all of the lucky winners a lot of fun in our Alpha. Of course we will report about this round over the next weeks. So stay tuned!

3 Comments on “T5: Start of the Alpha

  1. The beta Travian: Kingdoms is amazingly better then ks1-com.travian.com !!!

  2. ks-test.travian.com is way better then all versions of servers ks. Amazing!!!

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