T5: First sneak peek of the new artworks

After we have introduced you to many of the new game mechanics over the last few weeks, today our focus will be on graphics.

For that, we had a chat with Melanie from the graphics team. She also explained to us the concept behind the graphical progression and talked us through the graphical upgrade of buildings upon reaching certain levels and the differences between the tribes.

The first difference, which everyone will note instantly, are the different upgrade levels of a building. There are differences here, depending on the chosen tribe. The buildings of the Romans are displayed mainly with stones and red shingles. The roofs of Teuton buildings are rather made from wooden planks, while those of Gauls are made from straw. This heightens the recognition values of the tribes.

Should players play with different tribes, they will no longer always look at exactly the same buildings, but completely new, small pieces of art. Despite these changes, experienced players can still easily identify a building. A real challenge for our graphic designers. This recognition value was a very important criterion to meet when designing the new buildings.

Players will also notice that the looks of buildings will change at higher levels. This is some sort of “reward” for players. This change aims to highlight the difference between a newly-found village and one that has been fully upgraded. The lower levels of a building are displayed with relatively simple graphics, which become more and more elaborate and detailed as the building is being upgraded. All in all, the buildings have a much better quality and appear much more detailed than in previous versions of the game. Players can for example now discover ornaments in the arches of the academy or the art painted on the rugs. And these are only two of many, many details.

Overall, buildings are now 30 to 35 percent bigger than in earlier versions. Additionally, we are now also working with HD resolution.

In the coming weeks, we will provide you with more pictures and of course more information about them.

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