Gamescom: Meer kumme!

For all of you who are asking themselves what kind of language is this headline? It´s a German term used around Cologne: “Meer kumme!” means “We´re coming!”.

gamescomAs we announced in the Travian late night show, we will be at gamescom in Cologne! Our booth will be in the business area but if you aren‘t allowed in there, we have another option for you: On Friday August the fifteenth two pretty ladies in roman outfits and our T5 reporter Maxi will be touring through the consumer area with a red handcart filled to the top with chieftains.

These Chieftains are going to be given away! We thought of something really easy for you to do, to receieve one! The only thing you have to do is congratulate Travian on our tenth birthday in front of the camera. Yes, the two roman ladies will be on camera with you if you like.
On the evening of friday the fifteenth from 6 pm onwards we reservered the basement in the Hotel Lux in Cologne/Deutz.

Join us and you can meet and talk with some guys from our T5 developement team. They will be happy to show you the new T5 application if you are interested.

Besides this we will have something to eat and lots of free beer! Honestly what is more awesome after a long day at gamescom than good food, good beer and good company?

We look forward to meeting you all and really hope you will join us.

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