From the scrolls of Quintus 3

This time, my heroine traveled to Rome in order to attend an important speech of the senate. The emperor is dead and now the alliances in Travian are to fight to find a successor to the throne. Unfortunately, my heroine missed the speech by one day’s march. Hence she is reading the scrolls, which have been posted on the marketplace.

From the ball battle to the fight for points

What a tragedy! Looks like the final match was all too much for our emperor. For the first time in history, the Teutons won. Just before the final whistle they scored and immediately, the emperor touched his chest. The shock caused a piece of bone from his venison to travel down his throat, suffocating him in the process.

As the people are still caught up in the ball game competition, the senate has decided to introduce a points system, which will determine which alliance holds power over all of Europe and nominates the new emperor. Those who have conquered the most “Ancient Cities”, are in for easy scoring. But that’s not all: The ancient cities not only serve as centers of power for the points system, one can also decide to use the power of a city’s artifact instead.

… and a new map!

Shortly after our emperor died, Peregrinus Charta reached his native city of Rome. He is the master scout with decades of experience and was traveling by order of the dead emperor to gather as much information as possible about Europe and its surroundings. He presented us with a detailed map of our native land, the occident. The center of the country was, of course, Rome. The map looks refreshingly different!

In the past, we assumed that everything was green and gray in Travianland. The map has a new pigmentation. Oceans, lakes and rivers are painted in blue. The desert land in the far south is colored in yellow. Finally, the ancient cities can be found on the map. Good work, my dear Charta! This excellent map should be available to all villages, so that the battles for the most influential ancient cities will be all the more dramatic!

Do we need a wonder?

More changes are in store: The Natars are currently engaged in a large-scale war against a foreign great power, meaning they have left our realm. They have taken all the construction plans of the Wonders of the World with them, so that we no longer can construct them. Maybe we don’t even need them anymore. Fate will let us find the right ruler in their absence, too. All I can say is: Alea iacta est!

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