From the scrolls of Henrik

My heroine is so fascinated by the new map of Europe that she is traveling miles to explore the new regions. In the desert, she found an abandoned oasis where a scroll from good old Henrik was hidden.

Land — uh… sand in sight!

The long journey on the ship had us really worried that we might end up in the middle of nowhere, but now we’re back on terra firma again and heading further south on the orders of our chieftain. He had heard that there is much fertile land here. To our dismay, we discovered that the vegetation here leaves a lot to be desired. But we cannot bury our heads in the sand! Let us keep searching!

On our way, we encountered quite a number of strange people, presumably natives. The long garments they were wearing were a great advantage, allowing them to ride on their animals at a greater speed. We, however, literally had to endure the burning heat of the sun on our skin.

Mead quenches thirst in all climes

Exploration is quite an ordeal! Sand, sand, and more sand as far as the eye can see! Thankfully, after shedding some crocodile tears, the roaming strangers came to our aid. We offered them mead as a tribute, but they declined after trying it. Did the camel riders not enjoy the taste of it? One of them, who was barely able to speak our language, informed us of an ancient Egyptian saying:

Know your limit when drinking beer, in order that you do not set tongues wagging and your companions do not tell others of things you have said; things you do not even recall saying. If you then fall… no one will be there to take you by the hand; your drinking companions will only stand idly by and say “Go away you drunk!”.*

Oh well, can’t force a horse to drink! We’ll drink it ourselves! Unfortunately, as we later discovered, the consumption of alcohol had befuddled us to such an extent that it made our hike through the “Tehera deserta”* anything but easy. Richard the scout kept insisting that he had caught sight of oases. However, they disappeared as soon as he got to where they purportedly were. He imagined he saw small animals emerging from holes in the ground, whereupon he shouted: “Meerkatz! There are Meerkatz hiding there!” This was a myth among the local merchants, none of whom have been able to verify it yet. Everyone was certain that it was just a mirage. What an imbecile!

Of deserts and croplands

Eventually, we were able to locate the initially rather difficult-to-find crop oases with the help of the merchants. They revealed to us that we should settle down close to the river Nile in the land of the pharaohs if we were looking for other resources bonuses. Thanks for the tips, dear camel riders! The last thing we want is for our troops to starve.

*lat. name for the Sahara

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