Amulet Hide & Seek: Hello San Francisco (Found)

The amulet was found by Matthew on 21/08/2014. Congratulations!

This amulet is dedicated to Tyler. 

In Loving Memory of Tyler G/planesrock

TO/GA 5/14/13

After the big success in Germany, our Travian Amulet Hide & Seek made a big detour to San Francisco, California! So attention locals, please have a look at our Travian blog and find the hidden amulet with its 1,600 Gold voucher!


If you live in that beautiful city, you get to be one of the first participants in the United States! However, if you are not, do not be too disappointed. The Amulet World Tour will continue in other big cities all over the world!

Are you interested in more details? The idea is simple: We hide the treasure, show you picture hints, we may show you a video hint or even provide you with a GPS coordinate. Sounds easy right? You could be one of the lucky ones to find the Travian capsule with the treasures inside. Stay tuned for updates and news. We wish you a good luck!

But now lets start with the hints:
Are you familiar with this beautiful bridge in the background of this picture? If yes, than you may know where this picture was taken. It’s a place full of tourists that want to take photos of the bridge and the bay area.


And here we hid the amulet capsule. As you can tell, it can be seen by strangers. Please hurry up and grab it before it’s gone.

But there is one small favor we ask:
When you find the capsule with the Amulet and the voucher, please do us the favor and make a selfie with the amulet at the location you found it and send it to We would really appreciate seeing who found the treasure. Thanks in advance!

Oh, you still need a hint? Come one? Ok here, one final really big hint:


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