Alpha Diary: The first days

As most of you will know, the T5 alpha started on Wednesday. We have decided to do an alpha diary. Before you ask: no, this is not to annoy those, who didn’t get a key. Rather, we just want to give all of you the opportunity to get a first impression of Travian V. On top of that the players of the alpha round are  also invited to read and comment here. You are invited to share your experience. Uncensored, we will keep you updated on how we are faring. As mentioned already, your feedback is important to us. Hence you will find posts from our closed alpha forum in this diary every now and again, in which other players describe their experiences.

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014

09:53 am: I have received an email from Travian with my alpha key. Quickly make some coffee. Fresh, new logo.Let the games begin!

10:02 am: I have activated my key and can now decide which tribe I want to01play with. Stefan keeps on telling me that this is a test and not a game. I choose the word “gametest” (German: “spieltesten”).

10:03 am: I will start as a Roman. They’re my best shot. It does unfortunately take some time before they reach full power, but once it has kicked in, there is no way of stopping them.

10:04 am: I’m in. It’s an unfamiliar picture. Where is my 02resource display? And what’s this Wren all about? Following a short state of shock, I conclude that it must be a tutorial NPC. So let’s see what she’s got to say. After my first conversation with Wren, I can see the map. Plenty of fog and a robber camp, which I’m supposed to attack right away. Another character named Marcus has appeared in the meantime and he brought some tasks with him.

10:09 am: Following a variety of quests such as “upgrade Cropland”, “defend against robbers”, “construct barracks”03 and “train Legionnaires”, I’m asked to carry out an attack with Praetorians?! Really? I’m puzzled whether this is real or a joke. Oh well, let’s stick to the tutorial, maybe it’ll all make sense later.

10:12 am: By now I have registered my account and can be found in the northeast +/+. Then came the task to put together a map. Rex wrote about this on the forum: “I think that puzzle is quite silly. Of course it’s a nice attempt at introducing some variety, but looking at the difficulty, one rather feels like playing an app for small kids.”I’m not entirely sure of the aim of the map either. If it is a new way of detecting bots, at least it’s a funny way of doing so.

10:20 am: I’ve decided to act as a governor for the time being. My king sent some troops as protection right away. Through tasks like “attack robbers camp”, I got some Imperians as reward on top of that. So many free troops – very nice indeed. Unfortunately there is still the bad beginner’s protection. I’m gonna have to postpone my happy bashing as a governor.

11:00 am: The tutorial tasks are roughly comparable to those of T4.04The rewards are bigger. I have for now decided to put everything into my resource production. It’s all much clearer and easier to figure out. While I’m clicking through the screens, I’m thinking about the perfect tactic for the start. But what are all these people doing in my village? Makes me kinda claustrophobic. Besides Marcus and Wren, nearly half the village pub’s regulars are now out on the streets.

11:25 am: Larger than my king already. Was it a wise decision to become governor?05 12:11 pm: No more resources available. That means playing the “waiting game” until I have enough to upgrade the next fields. Perfect time to cook lunch.06

01:24 pm: Lunch was excellent. I’ve just discovered the new Gold features. Sounds very interesting. Lots of nice bonuses included in the “Starter Package”. I’m gonna get that one.

03:45 pm: Not enough resources in the village just yet. I’m gonna go outside into the garden and enjoy the sunshine.

07:09 pm: Back in from the garden. I think I might have a light sunburn. Finally enough resources. Upgrading last fields to level 2. One Cropland to level 5, upgrading storage and Main Building and quickly finish off two adventures.

10:25 pm: Bedtime. Only looting one more robbers camp, then I’m off to bed.

Thursday, 24th July 2014

09:32 am: Arrived at work. Gotta check my account right away. Hope my boss isn’t reading this. [Comment: Good morning, of course I’m reading this. You can easily catch up on these 32 minutes in the afternoon today.].

10:41 am: I took a look at my surroundings. Loads of farmable oases and players.07Why am I still in beginner’s protection? Oh well, I will have to make do with oases for now.

12:51 pm: Oases just don’t quite do it for me. Looks like I’m gonna crown myself king. Then I can finally start farming other players.

02:11 pm: The first farming targets have been really friendly to me. Fields are all at level three by now. I’ll probably soon research Legati or Imperatoris.

02:32 pm: Bridgette says: “Go home sicky”. I’m gonna heed her advice and pay the doctor a quick visit. The positive thing about all this: more time to play.

07:00 pm: Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-25 um 03.47.04Have to leave for dinner now, so just quickly upgrading the first fields to level four and upgrading granary and warehouse, too, so that my resources won’t start to overflow.

07:01 pm: Just received another adventure. OK, I’ll do it, but then I really have to get some food!

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