T5: Kingdoms, Raiders and Oases

A kingdom doesn’t only consist of villages, but usually also a couple of oases. In Travian 5, these oases no longer belong to particular players. Instead, they are part of the kingdom they are located in.

Every now and again, robbers will invade the kingdom and set up camp, only to start a looting spree soon after.



As soon as an oasis has been cleared of wild animals, it counts as occupied and will be assigned to one particular kingdom. Players from that kingdom can now send troops to that oasis and generate influence. The top five players with the most troops in the oasis share the production bonus between them.

Bonus on resource production by rank:

  1. 25%
  2. 20%
  3. 15%
  4. 10%
  5. 5%







Stationing troops at an oasis is not only required to reach as high a bonus as possible, but also in order to prevent it from being conquered. Oases situated on the border to other kingdoms can switch kingdoms through being dominated (more troops at the oasis). Alternatively, an oasis can also be conquered by an attack; here however the defender has a 100% defense bonus.

Why the changes to oases?

In T4, oases could only be held by single players. This would lead to rivalries within the kingdom in T5. The new oases concept makes the control of additional oases a common goal for the kingdom, in which all players can take part. Hence it strengthens cohesion within a kingdom and also gives more meaning to the borders of it, particularly for governors.

Robbers camps

Every couple of days, gangs of robbers will invade a kingdom and set up camp. The more players are in a kingdom, the more robbers camps will appear. These camps can however not be defeated by a single player. In order for it to disappear, a robbers camp needs to be attacked successfully up to five times by different players.

If a robbers camp hasn’t been attacked successfully for a set period of time, it will take the initiative and attack surrounding villages itself.

Besides resources, governors can also find treasures in the robbers camps, which are passed on to the king via the tribute funds.

Area size and treasures

The area of a kingdom is mirrored by the villages of the king. The more inhabitants these villages have, the greater the influence on the surrounding fields.

The further away a field, the more the influence will be reduced (1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4,…). If the king has multiple villages, the influence will add up.

A village’s influence has a maximum range, which is dependent on the village size. At 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1.000 population, this range will increase:

GebietseinflussThrough treasures in the treasury, a king will also receive a bonus on the influence of that particular village. This is why the change of treasure ownership might cause a kingdom’s area to change.

Choosing a kingdom

icon_crown_large-2At the start of the game, a player will automatically become part of the kingdom closest to them. As a governor, a player can only leave a kingdom by crowning themselves king. Since the kingdom is chosen depending on the location of a player’s capital village, they can choose a kingdom of their choice when settling their second village. Alternatively, a player can also attack their current king in order to provoke expulsion. This will however only happen if the king attacks back. As soon as another king has more influence on a capital village, they can invite the governor to join their kingdom instead.

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  1. I know that this is a beta, but i think that make this game in spanish lenguage would be productive for the page. Could be so much people like spanish, mexican or argentines like in the travian net servers 🙂

    • Hey wildrek, there will be a spanish version for launch. As you wrote already we are still in open beta 🙂 Cheers, Stefan

  2. There is a task about oases and i cant fo it cause there is no oases in my territory whata shame. Why im punished because of nothing

  3. Don’t make the game in Spanish, just let the Spanish learn English.

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