T5: Detailed Explanation of the Oases System

In his last blog entry about T5, Keen talked about oases and the system behind them. Today, we would like to answer your questions as detailed as possible. We will start by once again explaining the aim of the new system. After that, a detailed explanation of “wild oases” and “occupied oases” will follow.

Aim of the new oases system

As Keen already mentioned, the aim of the new oases system is to foster cooperation and cohesion among players within a kingdom. The set area of influence of a kingdom presents a spatial limitation on the map for players and results in a scarcity of oases. Because of the overarching kingdom and oases for multiple members of it, there will however not be any rivalries between players.

The big change, compared to older versions of Travian, is that an oasis will no longer belong to one player only. Up to five players can own an oasis at any one time. Additionally, unoccupied or “wild oases” no longer hold resources, but only animals. Oases-farming, which has been particularly popular during the phase of beginner’s protection, will no longer benefit players.
Unoccupied or “wild oases”
At the start of a round, there will exclusively be wild oases. They will remain wild until players’ troops reach them and turn them into occupied oases.

A wild oasis has the following properties:

  • It has no resource production
  • It has no warehouses
  • It may contain animals, which are spawned at set intervals

All actions are possible in a wild oasis (reinforcement, attack, raid, scouting). The action “reinforcement” does however only work if there are no animals in the oasis upon the troops’ arrival. The interesting change here is that all attacking troops will remain in the oasis as reinforcements if the raid or attack they were sent on killed all animals in it. They would need to be manually called back. Otherwise the offensive army may be stationed in an oasis and become an easy target.

Occupied oases
In order to occupy an oasis, a player has to send troops to the oasis. Should multiple troop formations arrive at the oasis, the player Oasen-boniwith the most troops in the oasis will become the owner! If the
player belongs to a kingdom, four other players of the same kingdom can send troops to the oasis. Depending on the amount of troops each of the five players have stationed in the oasis, they will receive the following advantage (see list). Additional requirements for annexing an oasis are an embassy at a minimum of level 10 and that the oasis is within the 7×7 area around the selected village. If the amount of troops of different players is identical, the player who most recently sent troops to the oasis will receive the greater bonus. Should a player have less troops in an oasis than five fellow players from their kingdom, the oasis will remain annexed, but they will only receive a bonus again once their troop count within the oasis is among the top 5.

In order to exert influence on an oasis, it has to be either within the kingdom or on its border (also diagonally)! If someone attacks the oasis, all stationed troops will defend it. Additionally, the defenders have a 100% defense bonus, which cannot be taken away. There is no morale bonus. For own team members and opponents, a click on the oasis displays the following information: Who owns the oasis and how great is the influence of the relevant kingdom?

All in all, cooperation between players will be strengthened. It will be interesting to see the difference between secure and insecure oases. Secure are those, which cannot be annexed by another kingdom. Here, a minimum amount of troops will be sufficient. Communication and cooperation with other players within the kingdom will also be beneficial.

Of course more troops would need to be stationed in insecure oases, unless the travel time of troops is short, in case the oasis is under attack. In order to annex an oasis occupied by the enemy, two attacks are now required. The first attack needs to take out all of the enemy’s defenses. This turns the oasis into a wild oasis again. Only then can the oasis be occupied again, either through an attack or by reinforcing it with troops.

In our next T5 blog entry, we will focus on the robbers camps, NPC villages and victory points.
Until then,
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  1. I don’t have any oasis in my kingdom so i can’t do my task. Not fair

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  3. regarding player owning the oases with more troops influence. you did not explain the maximum amount of troops can be stationed in an oases. lets say i have 500 troops stationed in oases, then other player place 700 troops he will own the oases. then i stationed another 5000 troops so do the other player placed 10000…haha. my points is any maximum number of troops can be stationed in an oases or is it unlimited? tq

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