Appeal: Travian players take center stage

Over the last couple of months, you’ve had the chance to meet more and more people on our team! Many have introduced themselves to you and have told you some things about them. We are now reaching the end of this series and the idea to adopt the “Tea at three” concept for players has gained growing support. We have now decided to get to know you folks better! Each player now has the chance to fill out the attached form and tell the community a bit about themselves.
For us, there is one central question here and we are sure this will also be of interest to you.

You always wanted to know what other players have to say about Travian? What the person behind the game account is like? Who plays with which tribe and what’s their strategy for the round? Which successes and failures have they experienced? Do you know a couple that met via Travian? Which players have become good friends? Then follow our appeal!

Now you are given the opportunity to find answers to those questions!

We are looking for interested players who would like to share their Travian experiences with the community! You are keen and want to take part? Simply copy the questions together with your answers into the answer box.

Players take the center stage – Questionnaire

  • What is your name/nickname and how old are you?
  • Are you still in school, a student or working already?
  • Where are you from or where do you live now?
  • For how long have you been playing Travian? Is there a favorite server that you prefer to play?
  • Do you play a solo account or do you have a team you’re playing together with? (short report about duals)
  • Do you have a favorite tribe that you always play with?
  • Is your game offensive or defensive-based?
  • How much time do you spend on Travian per day?
  • Do you play other games apart from Travian?
  • Which external tools do you use for Travian? (short explanation as to why)
  • What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
  • What’s the most fun for you in-game?
  • What do you think about the changes to Travian and why do you think that?
  • Are you active on the Travian forum?
  • Something you always wanted to share with the community
  • send us a screenshot of your account
  • send us a picture of you

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