We deliberately called the Travian summer special “Ancient Europe” a new “scenario”, as it will be different to a normal round of Travian in many respects. In particular the new endgame will offer a wide range of new strategic options.

Players wish

The feedback we have received from players regarding Travian often stresses that the endgame could do with a makeover. Many of you have already played a number of rounds and are no longer primarily focused on the Wonder of the World. The consequence is that, compared to past rounds, fewer and fewer Wonders of the World are being built in current rounds. The construction of a world wonder is no longer seen as something special by many. Others have voiced concerns that only a very limited number of players actually takes part in building the Wonder of the World, while the remaining players of the alliances and metas are merely in charge of the supplies. The daily messages of motivation and requests are only met with a shrug by some players.

This is why we have decided to implement a new endgame in our summer special. We don’t want to create a whole new game, but only make changes to the one aspect that is of the greatest concern to you. It allows for a good change – especially for our veteran players.

Reduced waiting time

We believe the new endgame has advantages for everyone. For example, artifacts will no longer appear in mid-game, but are available right from the start. In addition to that, Wonders of the World no longer exist. Hence, one reason to look after your own offense and to build a Wonder of the World offense will no longer be present. We are expecting more players to get engaged in fights early on and an increase in PvP action.

More strategic options

In order to win the game and become emperor of Rome, teamwork within the alliance becomes crucial. Each member needs to chip in when conquering or defending an artifact. More players will be directly and actively involved in the game and players can benefit from artifacts at any time.

The fact that owners of Ancient Cities have to decide every 24 hours whether to generate victory points or use the power of the artifact instead adds an extra spice to the game. Many opportunities and new strategies become available, making the game more thrilling than ever.

Here, players need to consider that there are more than 80 Ancient Cities – many more than there have been Wonders of the World in the past. It’s possible to hold multiple Ancient Cities at the same time and smaller and less experienced alliances are also given a good shot at playing an active part.

Summary of all summer special advantages:

  1. More players directly and actively involved in the action
  2. Communication within an alliance will increase, since there needs to be discussion about whether to use the artifact’s power or generate victory points instead.
  3. Small alliances and beginners are also given the chance to conquer an Ancient City.
  4. Change for veteran players due to the new endgame and changed requirements.
  5. Little waiting time compared to regular T4 worlds.
  6. More strategic options, as artifacts cannot be moved and a decision between artifact power and victory points needs to be made.
  7. More player vs player action.

We hope you are as keen on the summer special as we are and you are looking forward to be playing it from July!

If you have any questions, please post them here. We will try to answer to the best of our knowledge and as quickly as possible.