Travian Late Night: It begins!

On Sunday a new era for Travian Games will begin. For the first time ever there will be a weekly webshow all about Travian, the company, the players and the creators of the game. Michael and Max, the hosts of the webshow tell us what we can expect of it.

Thanks a lot for the chance to have you for this interview just before the start of Travian LateNight. Let’s start and introduce yourself to the readers.

Michael: My name is Michael and I’m just too old for this stuff, they forced me to do this (laughs). I’ve been working for Travian Games since 2008 and there’s no way this will change in the near future.

Max: I am Max, I’m 24 years old and have been living in Munich for the last four years. Before that I was living in Bad Homburg which is close to Frankfurt.

What do you guys do at Travian Games?

Michael: I have the best job in the world! From time to time we get feedback on Facebook saying “stop all this nonsense”. But without the nonsense I would have nothing left to do! No, serious now. I’m a Senior Social Media Manager – the “Senior” is important because it puts emphasis on my age – it’s my responsibility to care about our social networks as long as it concerns Travian. Facebook is a strong focus at the moment. We try to find the perfect mix of information, nonsense and topics that are interesting for our community. From time to time we have to be careful not to drift away and just concentrate on nonsense.

Max: …and it’s my job to make Michaels life a living hell and to kill more unicorns. No, just kidding. I’m the T5 reporter and write for our Travian blog. And basically anything else my bosses come up with.

With Travian Late Night you present something completely different to the players. Tell us a little bit about the show!

Max: The idea for a talk show / late night show concept just came to our heads one day. We didn’t want it to be stiff like a CNN news report but were aware that nobody would care about a show that’s filled with two guys laughing about their own jokes. So we try to find the small line between hard facts and good mood.

We plan to have guests on our show in the future, too and talk with them about hot topics. I’m pretty happy with the stuff we did so far. I think it’s something can players can really look forward to.

The title of the show implicates that it will air late. When are we going to see the first episode and how often do you guys plan to be “on air”?

Max: Starting this Sunday, the show will go live on our Travian Youtube channel every Sunday evening at 10 pm.

Will there be an international version or only a German one?

Max: The show will be entirely in English. We are a German company but our players live all over the world. From time to time you will probably have to listen to some German words though.

Let me be evil for a second: Why do you start with this show now? Travian has been around for the last ten years!

Michael: The start of T5 will be a huge milestone for the game and our company. We want to inform the players worldwide right from the beginning.

Max: Yes, the new version was our starting point. The developers came up with many new details and features. We have so much we want to tell you guys about that the webshow format is probably the best way to do this.

So, we will learn a lot about new stuff and T5?

Max: Maybe not in the first episode but T5 will be a huge topic on Travian Late Night in the future. Of course we will speak a lot about the current T4 version, also.

Will Travian Late Night include the players?

Michael: Oh yes, we sure hope so! We plan to include the players with interviews and other formats. We hope that Travian Late Night will be a good place for them to tell their stories, showcase their skills and get in contact with players from all over the world. I see the show as a great tool for alliances to introduce themselves to a worldwide audience.

Max: That’s right – and so the content of our show depends a lot on the players.

Who is involved in this project? Is it just you two guys?

Michael: It’s Max, me, beer and Bridgettes cookies! (laughs)Add to that our camera, two microphones and Stefan – who is always hidden behind a wall so we don’t have to see his angry old face – and off we go!

Before I forget it – we have the Chieftain of course. But we don’t allow him to have a mic, he’ll just use it to make funny noises. I’m afraid though that he will not care if we allow it or not. And by the way: We are still searching for a “Dictionarys Girl” – or a Dictionary and a girl (laughs). For more on that topic you have to watch the show on Sunday.

Max: I was already asking myself who the guy behind the wall is. Oh yeah, the Chieftain is our special guest. But I don’t want to give away more now.

Anything you guys would like to tell the readers before they watch the show on Sunday?

Michael: We are discovering a new territory for us. If you keep in mind that we discovered the internet not too long ago in Germany, that’s a huge step.

Max: I hope that the players will have fun with the show. Please don’t get mad at us if we’re not on a level with David Letterman or Jimmy Fellon. This is new stuff for us and we have to learn. I hope we get a lot of feedback. I personally can’t wait for the weeks to come!

Travian Late Night with Michael and Max starts Sunday at 10 pm here.