The Improvements for offensive players in T5

In recent times, we have almost exclusively focused on the improvements for defensive players. Sadly, among many of you, this has led to the impression that there will be “nothing new” for offensive players. To counter this belief, today’s post will be all about the improvements for offensive players in T5. On that note, a big thanks to all of you, who have given feedback on this issue on Facebook, our forum or here! Your comments have led us to the decision to also improve the gameplay for offensive players. Let’s take a look at the changes.

Those of you who like to play as Teutons will be very happy. In T5, the brewery can be upgraded to level 20, which of course also increases the offensive bonus for attacks to a maximum of 20%. The costs for the different upgrade levels will also decrease, making the brewery an even more worthwhile investment.

Besides this, Teutons will be given back a great deal of their former strength, with the brewery becoming a real option as a partial aspect in attacks. Of course the problem of catapults only being able to hit random targets remains. With the extra 20%, bonus they are a powerful offensive weapon nonetheless. In combination with the 20% hero bonus on fighting strength, this will be an attractive weapon of choice for offensive players. A further bonus may still be added on top here. More about that later.

The next advantage we want to talk about are the hero items. Hovering over each and every hero will now tell you exactly what items currently are equipped and what bonus they give. Despite the map, it is now again possible to intercept enemy offensives. The developers hope that this change will lead to more players using a strategy of interception again, as this really is one of the most thrilling aspects of battle!

Furthermore, the tablets of law will be removed. This is an important step, as it will prevent loyalty from being increased to maximum level just from one second to the next. The calculation for chiefs and senators will be simplified, so that the values by which an attack lowers loyalty are fixed. The guessing game of loyalty reduction will come to an end.

The next change we want to mention is the newly-integrated tab system. Within the Travian page, players can now open as many tabs as they need. With this, Travian Games incorporated the wishes and behaviors of many players into the game itself. It will become much easier for everyone to send multiple waves in quick succession. Since a video seems much better at explaining this change in detail than words, we have decided to create one just for you.

Another important change are the lower production costs for troops. This allows T5 players to construct more troops for the same price than in older versions and will make many offensive players consider training multiple offensive armies. A real and very worthwhile new option has been created here. The final two advantages for offensive players are regarding the type of attack.

One of the biggest changes will be the introduction of an additional attack mode. In line with the existing modes of raid and attack, siege will make its way into the game as a completely new mode of attacking.

The siege mode allows for an additional 33% bonus on attacking strength, which gives Teutons the possibility of a total extra bonus of 60% (including the brewery). On top of that comes the hero bonus of 20%, which adds up to a nice bonus of 1.92. For Gauls and Romans, too, the siege mode in combination with the hero bonus considerably increases the attacking strength of offensive armies. The only “disadvantage” here is the doubled traveling time of the offensive army and that players have to send at least 1,000 units, and at least one ram among them. This bonus can be extremely effective, particularly against Wonders of the World, stationary defensive armies and villages within a range of two to four hours. The added traveling time is definitely worth the high attack bonus.

The final change we want to introduce today is about raids. In comparison to T3 and T4, there have been some changes here. For example, no side can now incur losses of more than 1/3. Additionally, there’s a special rule about the losses of the defender. An attacker will only be successful in their raid if the defender has losses exceeding 10%. It allows the attacker to see defending units and they can plunder both resources and treasures. But if the attacker kills less than 10% of the defending troops, they will receive no bounty (resources or treasures) and no information regarding the defender’s troop count.

As you can see, we were grateful to take your feedback on board. Hopefully, many of you have found a change they’d particularly like to test. We’re looking forward to receiving more feedback!

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