Summer Special: Ancient Europe

The Roman Empire is on the brink of civil war! The old emperor has died and no one is there to succeed him. The Senate is hopelessly at loggerheads to find the right candidate. In this critical make-or-break situation, the senators have come up with a daring plan. Each citizen of the Roman Empire is asked to apply for the position of the new emperor. Who will have enough power, who will have enough influence in the Senate and who is able to pursue his goals with military force? Anything can happen in Ancient Europe! 

For the first time in Travian’s history, we have created a completely new summer special scenario, which is still based on the core principles of Travian, but at the same time also incorporates many new features, such as a new map, a new endgame and new game mechanics. In the summer of this year, the motto won’t be “double speed” but rather “to Rome”. This is for the strategists among you! In the coming weeks, we will regularly update you with all information about the new scenario right here.

What is Ancient Europe about?

Our scenario is set in the golden age of the Roman Empire. Rome’s sphere of influence stretches from Western Europe to the Middle East and from Northern Europe to North Africa. The map resembles this area, depicting a very real image of Europe at the time. The map displays different climate zones, as well as rivers, volcanoes and roughly 90 of the most important ancient cities. Each of these cities is home to a powerful artifact, which offers the players advantages in the game.

In the beginning, players start to settle on the map with the aim of conquering the ancient cities. But be careful: those settlements are anything but defenseless! Once conquered, every day, the players can decide whether to use the power of the city’s artifact for the next 24 hours or whether to increase their influence in the Roman Senate (victory points). Having influence in the Senate is crucial in order to be crowned Roman emperor at the end of the game. More about how this system works at a later time.

Wonders of the World, as they are known from a normal round of Travian, are not part of this scenario. And before you ask whether it’s possible to play as Gaul or Teuton in this scenario, too – yes of course!

Ad gladios!

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