From the scrolls of Henrik

Today, my heroine found a scroll on a long-forgotten Teuton cemetery. One of the gravestones was inscribed with the name Marbod and horses were also carved into it. The meaning can roughly be translated as “master of the horses”.

The Romans on their high horses
It is the 16th grass moon. Thanks to the goddess Ostara, spring has come! Marbod, our horse breeder had an idea: As the Romans’ horses are larger than ours, he wants to trade some with them for breeding. They cannot decline this offer; our mounts are of a godly nature! Starting with Sleipnir, the horse of the god Loki, to the twelve horses of Aesir.
We sent out our merchant Sintbert with a few horses, so that he may sign the deal. However, some days later, he returned from his unsuccessful journey. He handed over a document to Marbod. It’s the message of the Roman merchant:

“Thank you so much for your offer. Unfortunately, we are not interested in your mounts. At least not in a 1:1 exchange. In exchange for four of your horses, I can give you two of our light mounts: geldings, neutered horses. Otherwise, wild horses couldn’t drag me to accept a deal!
I, Flavius, don’t dare to make fun of your horses, however, in comparison to our impressive animals, they look rather hunched and malformed.”* Nonetheless, we admire the stamina of your horses. Your trader was trying to tell me a cock-and-bull story, when he tried to convince me that your hacks originate from the gods themselves. With this, he backed the wrong horse. To prove my goodwill, I will gift our smallest mare to you.”


What audacity! What are the Romans thinking, declining our godly horses? They really should get off their high horse! Marbod nearly fell from his horse when he heard the news. He gave the small mare to his daughter Wendy, so that she can learn the trade. Her dream is to one day publish scrolls about horses.

 *„prava atque deformia.“ Mentioned by Caesar in „De bello Gallico“

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