Auctions – Buying and selling gold

Auctions first appeared in the game in the T4 version. The new feature was initially met with mixed reactions. Many players were really happy about the auctions, whilst others continue to look at them critically even today. Phrases like “pay to win”, “silver pushing”, “hero push” or “hero of desire” have been used every now and again. This begs the question: What will happen to auctions in T5?

In our forums, on Facebook and on this blog, you have provided us with very valuable feedback. Many suggestions for change and good ideas were among those submitted. Today, we will uncover the changes compared to T4 and, as usual, I will give my very personal opinion on these changes.

Goals of the auction house in T5

When considering the changes, the development team had three fundamental goals in mind. First was to retain the exciting auction atmosphere and to enhance it further. The often criticized “silver pushing” should be limited even more. Our team was also very interested in making the auction system as transparent as possible. In order to achieve these three goals, some old processes could be retained, while many new ones had to be implemented.

Selling items

auktionen_durchschnittspreisThe procedure of selling items has been changed completely. The fixed scales of selling items in T4 (e.g. 5, 10, 25, 50, 100) will not be implemented in T5. Furthermore, auctions can no longer be canceled. This is due to a change, which I will focus on now:

From now on, there will be an “average price”, which will be a key factor in buying and selling. This average is determined by the average selling price of an item within the last 72 hours. If less than five items have been sold in that time frame, the average will be determined by the last five items that have been sold overall. Where there have been less than five sales of a particular item in a round, a normal 24h auction will start, just like in T4.

The purchase price of items is set at 70% of the average price, however it cannot be more than 25% above the purchase price of the previous day. The value levels, which I have explained already last week, allow for a price spread here, so the actual price is also based on these.

Buying items
auktionen_buyWhen buying items, players can make their personal maximum bid. Of course, they can be outbid by other players. Players cannot bid on items, which they have already purchased themselves. These will even be hidden. Similar to T4, the auction time will increase by five minutes if the highest bid changes in the final five minutes before the end of the auction. The exchange office has not changed at all. Players can exchange 1 gold for 100 silver and 200 silver for 1 gold.

Silver pushing, prevalent in T4, will no longer be possible to the same extent. It would require a great effort to make even the slightest use of it.

I really welcome the new feature of average prices. The often-criticized silver pushing will become an issue of the past.

I’m not yet sure of what to make of the fact that you receive a so called fixed price right away. In my view, with this change the auction loses some of its excitement, in exchange for greater security and fewer price fluctuations.

I’m still skeptical about the purchase not being regulated accordingly. Contest-bidding on particular items is still possible.


2 thoughts on “Auctions – Buying and selling gold

  1. Seems to me that the average selling price to the auction house is significant lower that the actual average price. More in the domain of 25 – 33 % of the average auction price – sometimes more in the rage of 10 % of the auction house price. Seems to me to be a very smart way for Travian to make players convert a lot of Gold into Silver. Also very smart that we cant see the items we have in our inventory in the action house – that way it is much more difficult for us to see if we are actually getting the average auction price or only a fraction of it.

    Fine with me if TRAVIAN want to use this to make more money out of the game, but if that is the case PLEASE say so and don’t pretend that it is to stop players bad behavior.

    Best regards,


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