Travian Tournament 2014

Now where the pre-registration for the Travian Tournament 2014 is open, we like to give you a few more details about the upcoming event:

The server will be T4.4, 2x Speed
The tournament starts Tuesday, 29.04.2014 – in four days!

This year, you have to beat the Natars. They’ve learned how to build the wonder of the world and you will have to stop them. Are you brave enough?

Pre-register today and spread the news

For the first time in the tournaments history, players from the Pacific region will join the fight on their own qualification server. “I think it’s great that our players from the Pacific region can now also enter the qualification rounds”, says a delighted Eckart Foos, Travian’s Game Director. “Fans from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are now able to enter the fray and take part in this amazing summer game event. Maybe they will even manage to make it to the final!”

Apart from glory, honor and inclusion in the Hall of Fame, there is also the chance to win valuable prizes with a total value of around 20,000 Euros, which will be given out among the participating players. The first prize draw will start already during the qualification phase, another will be held during the final.

We wish all participating Players good luck!

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