Tea@Three: Agge

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are?
Agge, name and nickname, all in one. My real name is used so rare that I can’t really remember and won’t react on it 😉 I’m 35 years old.

What is your profession?
Mmmhh if only I could remember… I always wanted to become a civil engineer, but did never finish. Then I ended up here 😀

How long have you been working for Travian?
It’s been over seven years now. I’ve been one of the first employees here. Where have all those years gone.

What’s your job at Travian? (Or what have they told you?)
Head of Customer Service. Keep people happy, here in house and all of our players throughout all our games all around the world. This would never be possible without all the great people we have, especially all our volunteers! Thanks!
Never thought I could become a metrics driven person! But it happened.

What’s your favorite genre and game?
There are too many, point & click Adventures like Monkey Island, Civilization I – V, or our Tuesday evening game Battlefield (4 at the moment) and a lot of D3

What was your first impression of online games?
D2, I think, after some Age of Empires in local LANs

What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
To be honest? Not to play 😉 Because if I do, I put too much time in it and forget about a lot of other things 😀

What would you do once you achieved world domination?
Find someone suitable to fulfill the job and find me a nice spot to live long and prosper.

What should be the next invention?
The Hoverboard, it’s overdue!

Quick questions:
Tee or coffee? Beer (during work hours coffee)
Dogs or cats? Dogs
Pop or folk music? Rock
Mobile or board games? Boardgames!
Consoles or browsers? PC

Thanks to all those people, helpers and friends that make our games such a great experience!