From the scrolls of Quintus

What luck! Next to a Roman village, my heroine found a brittle bow and a further scroll. The best papyrus and quill have been selected.

Celebrate our hunting Hercules!

Today the first coins of our emperor Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus have been minted! While we can’t use them to pay for things in Travianland, these coins will soon be collected as eagerly as horse manure by farmers! Or as Cato maior put it: What does it mean to till a field well? First plow it good, then plow again and finally fertilize it!”

So our esteemed emperor immortalizes himself by having his likeness minted on coins. On the reverse of the coin one can see quivers and arrows. The bow is the emperor’s favorite weapon! Recently, during the November Games, he showed us that it’s possible to kill elephants, tigers or hippos effectively and from great distance. He is a legend at handling the bow. One doesn’t necessarily need muscles like Hercules, but skill is more important. This is why Hercules in the Greek mythology is Commodus’ hero. Hence he calls himself Hercules Venator*. He loves the Gods and we worship him like one.

It’s not always been like this: One day, when the once frail and little boy just didn’t want to practice fighting, his father hit him with the “Bow of the Theutates”. He brought this back from a battle with the Teutons, as a sign of his superiority. Since the hit, Commodus feels like he was appointed by the Gods themselves. Ever since, he has been fascinated by this bow, which led him to pass a law in all of Travian, which requires all bows to be named “Bow of the Theutates”. Very interesting indeed, especially since we normally use the improved composite model from the Far East.

The “small print” on the back of the scroll:
I, Quintus, need to speak out about our emperor. Rather than seeing his likeness on a coin, all Romans would rather like to see the emperor decapitated. Of course no one dares saying so! But everyone is fed up with this delusional, bow-swinging fake Hercules. He’s stretched his bow way too far. If we don’t want to be next, we have to bow to the discipline. But the population’s got the hang of it! Always cheer and smile and nothing will happen to us.

*The “hunting Hercules”

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