From the scrolls of Ambiorix

My heroine found this scroll in an abandoned Gaul village. It tells of a long forgotten, bizarre event, which had once been brought to paper by the wise Ambiorix.

The meeting of two cultures
Far away from Travianland on a hot day during the time of the spring moon. We got lost. Palm trees are everywhere. We are missing the familiar nature of our homeland. Following the marches of countless days under a burning sun, we decide to set up camp in the shade. To make the evening bearable, mead is served. For that, I’ll happily put my quill down!

By the Gods, suddenly there’s a scream! Rudely awakened, the talented Vectios draws his sword, but then stumbles over his own weapon. In the bushes, we notice soldiers with mysteriously long sticks and spikes attached to them. Their gibberish sounds strange. What do the strangers want to tell us? “We want your mead” maybe? The mellow Vectios passes our drink to the strangers. As soon as the mug is empty, they leave with their over-sized toothpicks. “Toothpicks”? Must be the mead.

4 days’ marches later
From an unknown city right ahead of us, 1,000 soldiers with sticks storm in our direction. These things again! Now we’re standing here. Without mead. There is no way for us to tame 1,000 men. Then a man with black curls and white dress appears. Could this be an advisor?

The advisor with the black curls speaks our language. He invites us to the city, because we rescued the missing men four days ago. What a turn of events! So here we are now, celebrating a feast with the “Elignas”, as they call themselves, with red mead, dance, music and women… I’d better leave that topic out. The “woinos*“ tastes weird, but the effect is the same nevertheless.

The Phalanxes – those with the toothpicks – are a strange unit. They drink, sing about “Greek wine” and love their spears. This is what they call their long and pointy weapons. It’s the most favorite weapon in Greece, as we learn. They also have swords, but only as a backup weapon. The swords are forged with passion. They are the best swords we have ever seen. But what do they do? They prefer to use their spears and shields. When attacking, their formation looks like a turtle. How strange.

Because they had so many spears, they gave us some as a gift. Now, us Gauls can also train this kind of troop. Can’t hurt surely. So they are the Phalanxes. Spearfighters, which are an established Gaul unit in Travian.

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