The most asked questions about T4.4 speed

When do the T4.4 speed servers start?
On Friday, 7th March 2014, the first T4.4 speed servers will start. Further T4.4 speed servers will be announced in due course. Starting dates for your domain can be found on the domain forum or on our Facebook page.
Culture points from celebrations and artworks: How long will celebrations last and how many culture points do they award?
For holding a small celebration, a player will receive up to 250 culture points. A large celebration will immediately reward a player with up to 1,000 culture points. The duration is dependent on the Town Hall level. The following example is based on a level 10 Town Hall:

Small celebration: 5:45:06
Large celebration: 14:22:44

If you use the artwork, you’ll immediately gain additional culture points based on the culture point production of your villages, up to a maximum of 1,000 culture points per used artwork.

Resource production on a speed server?
The resource production on a T4.4 speed server is 40% higher than on a T4.2 speed server.
This means a resource field will produce the following amounts (bonuses not included):

Resource field level 0: 9 units per hour
Resource field level 1: 21 units per hour
Resource field level 2: 39 units per hour
Resource field level 3: 63 units per hour
Resource field level 4: 93 units per hour
Resource field level 5: 138 units per hour

Daily quest rewards
The daily quest rewards are not affected by the server speed.
Upon reaching 25 points, you will receive 50 culture points, providing this reward was randomly chosen from the different options. For 100 points, the random reward would be 400 culture points in that case.
When are the daily quests reset? As usual, they are reset after 24 hours.

How long is beginner’s protection? Extra time?
Beginner’s protection first lasts for three days and can be extended by another three by clicking on the “extend” button in the info box. Each player therefore can have up to six days of beginner’s protection.

Culture points produced by the buildings?
The culture points produced by the buildings have not been changed. It is the same as on a 3x speed server from the T4.2 version.

Culture points required for the next village?
In order to be able to settle the second village in the game, 500 culture points are required.

Hero production?
A level 0 hero already has four attribute points and the following production on a 3x speed server:
72 of all resources per hour, or 240 wood, clay, iron or crop each. The hero upkeep of six crop per hour is not included here. Furthermore, with each assigned attribute point, the production of all resources will increase by 18 units.

Activation time for artifacts?
Once a player has captured an artifact, on a 3x speed server it will take 12 hours until it becomes active.

Merchant capacity:
Depending on the tribe chosen, merchants on a 3x speed server can carry the following amounts:

Gauls: 2,250 per merchant; with Trade Office: 2,475
Romans: 1,500 per merchant; with Trade Office: 1,800
Teutons: 3,000 per merchant; with Trade Office: 3,300

Adventures: greater amount of items, troops or resources that can be found?
Example: If in comparison to a normal T4.2 server, the T4.2 speed server awarded 500x the amount of resources, this relation will also apply to the T4.4 speed server when compared with the normal T4.4 version.


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Wann startet die T4.4 Speed?
Am Freitag, den 07.03.2014 starten die ersten T4.4 Speed-Server. Weitere Speed-Server für T4.4 werden noch angekündigt. Termine für den Start auf deiner Domain kannst du deinem Forum oder auf unserer Facebook-Seite entnehmen.