Travian Competition: Bingo

In January, another competition took place on the German Travian forum. This time, it was a classic event – bingo. Players were able to win a total of 15 vouchers, each worth 50 gold coins.

As always, all players were able to participate, as long as they had the right user ID number, because that’s what Travian bingo is all about. For a few days, a new number was called every day and players only had to check if their user ID matched the number and then contact us on the forum. It was that easy to win one of the vouchers worth 50 gold a piece!


To give you an example of how it worked: The complete number called was 54352, so for example the ID numbers 32, 54, 435 and so on were eligible for a prize. It couldn’t be easier to win 50 gold coins, right?

The overall number of participants once again overwhelmed the whole Travian team; you really are a highly active community! Soon after the winners were announced, they received their voucher codes and they all were really happy to see the gold balance of their accounts rise!

The winners are:

  • Santna
  • Munaphy
  • Exelym
  • Hausmeister
  • Black Cat
  • MadDoxxHoe
  • Nudelholz
  • Tommy
  • GringoGrande
  • Raubtier
  • HeikoUwe
  • Bad Frog
  • Nightwish
  • I Puffi
  • Hin&Weg

Congratulations to all our 15 winners!


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