T5: The creation of a new world

When creating a new world, one of the biggest tasks is to decide on the shape. A “circle” already exists in RL, and we had something similar to a donut in T4. The old Romans believed they were living in a world the shape of a disk. We’ll use a disc then, as T5 will try to be fairly close to the stories of ancient times.

The world in Travian 5 grows with the number of players. At the start, it will be a small disk, surrounded by a dark, dark forest and seven mighty mountains. The Natars, however, have been inhabiting this space of land long before us Romans, Gauls and Teutons, and they took control of half of all 15 crop fields.

kingdoms_boardersThe map is again kept in an ISO style, which may be familiar to you from the times of T3. This time however, it fills the whole screen and is zoomable. From a large-scale strategy map down to a resources and village view.

A ring menu allows for many actions to be carried out directly from the map. A click on the “flag” for example can mark single fields, players, kingdoms or alliances.

My next blog post will be about one major change in gameplay.

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