T4.4 – Water bucket, adventures and balancing

In today’s blog entry, I would like to introduce you to the changes regarding adventures and hero items.

Ever since the first version of T4, the hero has played a significant role and has become ever more important for the game. This has also been the subject of controversial discussions. For example, many players shared the opinion, that hero items such as scrolls, artworks and water buckets had too great an influence particularly at the start of the game.

While the amount of scrolls was already adjusted in the T4.2 version, the influencing power of artworks and water buckets was limited in the birthday version. As we have received positive feedback throughout about only being able to use one water bucket every 24 hours, we have decided to adopt this feature in the T4.4 version, too. Particularly at the start, it is now no longer possible for players to either bash enemy troops or level up their hero through the use of large amounts of gold and the subsequent purchase of water buckets.

This change has improved the overall game balance and it no longer matters how much gold a player is willing to spend on leveling up their hero. Players now have to develop elaborate strategies on when to use their hero and when to let it die. What’s your hero strategy during the starting phase of a server?

The avocation of every hero

The second change concerns the number of adventures. With the new reward system -introduced in the birthday version – and the quests stemming from it, increasing the number of adventures has become inevitable. On the birthday server, a situation could occur, whereby a new adventure might not be available to you for 24 hours. This in turn could make it impossible to reach 100 points on that day, since successfully finishing an adventure is part of the daily quests.

For that reason, Travian has increased the maximum number of adventures from 383 to over 400. It’s only a relatively small change, however, it allows for a great improvement with regard to the relation of adventures and daily rewards, particularly during the later stages of the game.

The third change concerns the balancing of items found in adventures.

More troops and ressources

Here, there are three significant adjustments, which will greatly influence the game’s progression. First of all, the number of troops and resources that can be found has been increased greatly. Both of these were seen by us players as almost a loss, since the amounts found were fairly low, particularly during the post-artifact stages. Travian has now increased the amounts that can be found in adventures significantly, so players will be able to happily accept troops and resources even during the mid- or endgame.

Easier conquering

The next change concerns the tablets of law. Conquering a village became nearly impossible due to the large amount of tablets players found in their adventures at the start of a server, even more so for those attempting to conquer with only one or 2 chiefs. In Travian 4.4 the number of tablets of law has been adjusted to the length of a server, meaning there will be less tablets at the start and the number will then increase gradually during the course of the server.

No revived hammers

The final change pertains to small and normal bandages. In the past, the number of these items depended on the amount of troops killed on the server during the previous days. This makes a lot of sense in theory, in practice it ended up in a big mess. What use are bandages to us if we only find them after our troops have died?! This also caused a real “bandage flood” in the auction houses, which resulted in many players storing 5-10,000 bandages in their inventory. Travian has now scaled the system, so that it also takes into account the length of servers. The bottom line is that there will now be less bandages, which should solve the problem I have described above.

What do you think? Is this a good change and does it solve the problem, or do you think that it might have a negative effect on the overall action on a server, as players will now be more careful when they consider using their troops, since there are less bandages?

Yours, Maxi

Feature summary:

  • Water bucket can only be used once every 24 hours
  • Number of adventures increased to over 400
  • Balancing regarding amount of troops, resources, tablets of law and bandages

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