T4.4 – The Rally Point

“We are saving the best for last!” You will see that this is certainly true.

Today, I will introduce you to the best change in T4.4 by far. I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. Just continue to read and make up your own mind about the change!

I’ve read many times on the Travian forum and also in the comments here, that the rally point and its features are no longer fit for purpose and that important functions are missing. Travian has now listened to these calls and implemented a number of features, which personally have made me very happy, as they make the game considerably easier to play. From T4.4 onwards, there will be 3 buttons each, for incoming as well as outgoing troops. This allows you to set up the rally point according to your needs and will allow you to keep a better overview without the need to search.

Incoming troops can be divided into one or more of the following categories:

  • Incoming raids/attacks
  • Returning troops
  • Incoming reinforcements

Ankommende Truppen


Outgoing troops can be sorted into these categories:

  • Outgoing attacks/raids
  • Outgoing reinforcements
  • Outgoing troops, starting with those sent most recently

Ausgehende Truppen


It is now really easy to defend and to coordinate temporary defenses. The need to browse through x pages to filter out temporary defenses from incoming own troops and attacks will no longer be there. Two clicks are enough now to display these and incoming attacks. Farming while having incoming attacks at the same time is now no longer a problem. For outgoing troops, it’s just as easy. If you lose track, you can display either outgoing raids/attacks or outgoing reinforcements with just one click, to verify all is in order. If you have to check for correct timing, you can filter troop movements even further by clicking the “last sent” button. It will be the same when attacking the wrong coordinates or if you have forgotten to remove a conquered village from your farm list. As you only have 90 seconds to find the attack, in the past most of that time was spent actually finding the correct page, where the attack was listed. After this update, you can find it immediately and cancel it without being in a hurry. This allows us to prevent our troops from certain death.

Finally, in a similar manner to the reports, it is now also possible to set how many troop movements a player wants to see per page. According to your liking or playing style, you can now make sure you will always have a good overview.

All in all, this is a well-made feature, which helps us to easily prevent unnecessary troop losses. Furthermore it allows for a quick overview and it will save us a lot of time searching.

What do you think about this new feature? Are you as enthusiastic about it as I am?

Yours, Maxi


Feature summary:

  • Easy way to distinguish between incoming troop movements (attacks/raids, returning units or incoming reinforcements)
  • Easy way to distinguish between outgoing troop movements (attacks/raids, reinforcements and last sent)
  • Option to display more than ten troop movements per page