T4.4 – production, crannies and hero bonus

Finally the time has come: The new Travian version will start this coming Monday on a number of game worlds.

It’s called T4.4 – you’ll still have to wait a bit longer for T5 :).The version comes with a range of changes us players have wished for and which have now been implemented. Over the coming days, I’ll provide you with a lot of information about the changes. Of course, I’ll also let you know my stance as a player on these changes, particularly where they affect game play and tactics.

Let’s start with the foundation of everything in Travian – resource production

While it was the usual size on T4 and T4.2 servers and was doubled in the birthday version, it has now been increased by 40% of the usual size. A built-up starting village usually has a base production of 1,000 lumber, 1,000 clay, 1,000 iron and 1,800 crop. In Travian 4.4 we will have 1,400 lumber, clay and iron each, as well as 2,520 crops at our disposal! A nicely built-up capital village or a grand culture point strategy will pay off even more now! Before we now start worrying about increased upkeep costs (birthday version), I can assure you: there will be no increase in resource costs for buildings, troops or researches and also none concerning troop upkeep! This change will accelerate the starting phase, but also provides players with more resources during the mid- and endgame, so that larger numbers of offensive and defensive troops can be built.

By the way, the Travian DEV team has asked me to tell you this: They were really happy with your feedback regarding the birthday version. Generally, players were quite unhappy with the doubled upkeep of troops, but at the same time understood, that this was necessary in light of the doubled resource production. So in Travian 4.4. the compromise is: 40% increased resource production, but no increase in the upkeep costs.

 Crannies, the security of every player

The second change I’d like to introduce you to today concerns the crannies of the different tribes. In the new version, the cranny capacity has been increased, similar to the birthday version. However, offensive players will be glad to hear that Gauls can now only hide 3,000 per resource and not 4,000 as on the birthday servers. A level 10 cranny of Romans or Teutons can now hide 2,000 per resource. This will make it easier for Travian newcomers, as it provides them some more protection against the bad and veeeery naughty farmers. With a bit of luck and a good alliance, newcomers will remain in the game for longer.


The secret hint

The final change that I’ll be telling you about today concerns the hero attributes. This is also my secret hint for the starting phase among all the T4.4 changes. The hero’s resource production has been doubled. It now produces either 6 lumber, clay, iron or crop each, or 20 of any one resource, instead of 3 each and 10 of any particular one. Especially for defensive players and non-farmers, this will ease the start, as they can now produce even more resources with their hero. I’m very curious how the tacticians among you will react to this. Will trashing oases at the start remain the only strategy to get hold of resources fast? Or would it make sense to invest the majority of attribute points in resources and to forgo troops altogether at the start?

I hope you like the changes I have mentioned so far. If you have any questions or feedback for me, please just write a comment below the blog entry. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge!

Cheers Maxi

Summary of the new features:

  • 40% increased resource production
  • Maximum cranny capacity increased to 2,000 (Romans, Teutons) and 3,000 (Gauls)
  • Hero’s resource production per attribute point doubled

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