T4.4 – Culture points, the basic requirement for each new villages

Today’s article will be all about changes regarding culture points. Culture points are one of the most important aspects of Travian and every player aims to collect as many as possible as quickly as possible, in order to settle or conquer more villages.

The new strategy

In previous versions, Travian was very generous with these points, but strategically, this was rather boring. A small celebration always produced 500 culture points, while a large celebration produced 2,000 culture points. With the birthday version, this was changed. A small celebration now gives as many culture points as the village itself produces, up to a maximum of 500. In turn, large celebrations award as many culture points as the account produces, up to a maximum of 2,000 points. Thanks to your feedback regarding the birthday version, in which this change was tested for the first time, it will now also be adopted in the T4.4 version of the game. Many players have had to already reconsider their strategy at the start of their game in the birthday version. Micro-farming at the start is still possible, but upgrading buildings cannot be neglected, as these form the basis for a high production of culture points. Non-farmers and defensive players also have to look after the further development of their village and can no longer simply rely on high-level resource fields for high production figures. There are now many more pathways that enable you to get to the second village. You should carefully plan your strategy right at the start and follow through with it.

The adjustment to artworks

The other change concerns artworks. While artworks changed owners for skyrocketing prices at the start of T4 or T4.2 servers, Travian Games has put a stop to this with the birthday server. Like in the birthday version, artworks can now only be found on adventures after 14 days. Additionally, artworks now generate as many culture points as the account itself, with a cap placed at 2,000 culture points per artwork. Now, settling the second village does no longer depend on who bids the most money for artworks. What counts now are only the strategy, skill and abilities of a player. This change makes the game a lot fairer, especially since the first 14 days are the most decisive ones, which can have implications on how the whole round plays out.

The starting credit



As a third change, the starting credit of culture points was also adopted from the birthday version. At the start of a round, each player received 500 culture points as a starting credit. This should more than make up for the slower start of a round with regard to culture points. Particularly in connection with the resource bonus, this could even lead to a much quicker start, compared to what was possible until now. Again, strategy is the key here.

The 500 culture points can be seen as replacing 2 small celebrations, which players now don’t need to hold. The resources saved here can be invested in troops, fields or buildings instead.

What is your opinion on restricting artworks in the first 14 days?

Yours, Maxi


Feature summary:

  • Change to culture point calculation for celebrations (small maximum 500; large maximum 2,000)
  • Artwork changes: maximum of 2,000 culture points; only appear after 14 days
  • 500 culture points starting credit at the start of a round

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