T4.4 – All about the wonders of the world

In my second blog post regarding the changes in the T4.4. version of the Travian browsergame, I would like to introduce 4 new features, all revolving around the wonders of the world.Since the feedback we received about the wonder of the world changes on our birthday server was positive throughout, we have decided to keep them in the new version as well.


The natars start to build a wonder of the world

The first such change is that the Natars will independently start building their own wonder of the world once a particular amount of days has passed. They will construct it in their capital village, which, due to the huge number of traps within it, cannot be successfully catapulted or conquered. Once the Natar wonder has reached level 75, no further Natar attacks on other wonder of the world villages or newly-settled villages in the gray area will take place. By doing this, Travian irrevocably limits the length of game worlds and gives us, the players, a good incentive not to dawdle and waste precious time when building your own wonder of the world. This change was introduced, since apparently there have been game worlds running for 400-500 days, with no players, alliances or metas willing to construct a wonder of the world. At what point exactly the Natars will have built up their wonder to level 100 has not yet been decided. As far as I know, Travian aims for 350 days. However, before finally agreeing on this, Travian has decided to keep monitoring the birthday servers over the coming weeks.

 Wonders of the world everywhere

The second birthday server feature that will be implemented is the location of the wonder of the world villages. So on every T4.4 server, 8 out of the 13 wonder of the world villages will be located outside the gray area. Having said that, there will however be more Natar defense troops than in the villages in the gray area. Because of this, the endgame will move a little step closer to that of the T3.6 version again. This also allows the outback alliances to play a much bigger part in the fight for the wonder of the world, as the game is now no longer played out exclusively in the center of the map.

In my opinion, the endgame becomes more tense again and offers a whole new range of strategic options for players and alliances.

natars wonder of the world

Natarenweltwunder auf Stufe 91


Half of the crop consumption – players will be happy

The third change that will make its way into T4.4 concerns the crop consumption in the wonder of the world villages. Here, too, Travian has once again took inspiration from the old T3.6 version of the game, which is much to my liking! The troops stationed in wonder of the world villages will be put on a diet and now only consume half the amount of crops they used to eat. The diet will however only kick in once the construction plans are released, just like the birthday version. This will allow alliances and metas to place even more defense in wonder of the world villages, which should help to prevent the leveling of a wonder by a medium-sized offense.

Compared to the T4 and T4.2 servers, the endgame will be much more tense again.

 The easy supply

The last change adopted from the birthday version is the trade route system. It allows us players to set up trade routes to villages with a wonder of the world or artifact. The only limitation here is that the player and the owner of the target village need to be in the same alliance. This should make supporting the defense in wonder of the world or artifact villages easier. We don’t have to get up late at night anymore, just to ensure the continuous support of the defense, but rather let the trade routes do the job much more conveniently. We can then focus on the most important goal: bashing enemy alliances! 😀 Even less active players or players with less time on their hands are now given the option to play an active part in the battle for the wonder of the world and within their alliance or meta.

If you have any questions or feedback for me, please write a comment below this post. That’s all for today. Until tomorrow, when I’m back with the next blog post, yours, Maxi


Feature summary:

  • Natars start building a wonder of the world after a set amount of days
  • Wonder of the world villages are now no longer located only within the gray area
  • halved crop consumption in wonder of the world villages once the construction plans are released
  • adjustable trade routes to wonder of the world and artifact villages when players are in same alliance or confederacy

T4.4 – Alles rund um das Weltwunder

In meinem zweiten Artikel über die Neuerungen der T4.4 Version von Travian, möchte ich euch gleich vier davon vorstellen, die alle mit dem Thema Weltwunder zu tun haben. Da unser Feedback zu den Weltwunder Neuerungen auf der Geburtstagswelt durchweg positiv ausgefallen ist, wurden diese auch gleich für die neue Version übernommen.


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