Tea@Three – Valerio

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are.
Valerio. 39…almost 40

What is your profession?
Concept Artist, Illustrator, Storyboarder for Games and Animation, Advertising, Books.

How long have you been working for Travian?
Started in 2009. Had to leave after 6 months but came back in 2013.

What’s your job at Travian? (Or what have they told you?)
AD for T5.

What’s your favorite genre and game?
Lot of different stuff. Specially story driven games. Also Atmosphere is really important to me.
Thinking about it, It´s not about the genre really. It´s a bit like music.
I liked Dishonored last year. Also Deus Ex kept me awake a couple of nights.
But I am also one of the few ones who loved Mirror´s Edge so take it with a bit of salt.

What was your first impression of online games?
Played a couple of FB games as well as Browsers. Quite nice and sometimes addictive for a while.
I totally suck at Multiplayers. Specially shooters.

What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
Establish a new style which strongly convey the Travian tradition.

What would you do once you achieved world domination?
I take a nap. 

What should be the next invention?
The crunch-cruncher 😉 

Quick questions:
Tee or coffee? Coffee, lot of
Dogs or cats? Both
Pop or folk music? Depends of which folk and which Pop…OK…Folk
Mobile or board games? Mobile
Consoles or browsers? Console, maybe

Shout-out (write what you want):
“What you want”

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