Tea@Three – Ales

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are.
Aleš 38, nickname … got none, sometimes friends call me Čelavi (Baldy) 😀 I got this nickname in my early twenties, after I started shaving my head.

What is your profession?
Software developer (mostly web development and some mobile, tablet development).

How long have you been working for Travian?
I’ve started in March 2013. I am still a freshman  ha ha.

What’s your job at Travian? (Or what have they told you?)
On contract  is written that I am  a “Spieleentwickler” 😛  I am mostly occupied with PHP backend tasks.

What’s your favorite genre and game?
RPG of course … good old one Forgotten Realms: Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights… I’ve read a dozen of books from R.A. Salvatore while driving to work with Munich U-Bahn. Assassin Creed series kept me also awake late nights.

What was your first impression of online games?
Can’t remember when I’ve played my first online game, but decades ago when I’ve tried  Counter Strike I really sucked at it.

What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
“Language barrier”. My German was rather rusty.

What would you do once you achieved world domination?
LOL. I would add “So f…g what” button on FB. 

What should be the next invention?
“Beam me up, Scotty” 

Quick questions:
Tee or coffee? Coffee (turkish coffee)
Dogs or cats? Dogs (German Boxer)
Pop or folk music? Folk … you need to visit Guča trumpet festival 
Mobile or board games? Mobile
Consoles or browsers? Console

“Vazduh trepti kao da nebo gori.” 😀


Kaffeeklatsch – Ales

Wie ist dein Name/Nickname und wie alt bist du?
Aleš, 38, nickname… habe ich keinen, einige Freunde rufen mich Čelavi (Glatzkopf) 😀 Ich habe diesen Spitznamen in meinen frühen Zwanzigern bekommen, nachdem ich angefangen habe meine Haare kurz zu rasieren.

Was ist dein Beruf?
Softwareentwickler (hauptsächlich Webentwicklung und etwas Mobile-, Tabletentwicklung).

Wie lange arbeitest du schon für Travian?
Ich fing im März 2013 an, also immer noch ein Frischling hehe.