Contest: Interesting, funny and bizarre battle reports

Yet another competition was held on the German Travian forum in November. They were looking for interesting, funny or bizarre battle reports. Now, you might assume this would mainly be about troop strength – but far from it. The opposite really was the case, for example a rat defending a village by defeating the attacking hero, or an attack with a single catapult that resulted in the destruction of a village.

As an additional incentive, Gold vouchers with a value of up to 300 Gold coins were up for grabs.

Compared to the first competition, the number of participants was even higher this time! In just one week, more than 70 users submitted their battle reports. Due to that large amount, the Travian Team had to make a short list of the best ones again. The poll, which would determine the winner, also needed to be postponed by three days. There were just so many reports that needed to be looked at, often resulting in astonishment and laughter at times. It was incredibly difficult to agree on just ten reports for the final poll.

Are you curious to see the reports, what happened and who won? Here are the three winning reports:

Rank 1 went to Jannibas – “Settlers & chieftains versus hero”

We can see here what happens when an attacker meets highly motivated settlers and chieftains:


Rank 2 went to -An!mal- – “Village destroyed twice”

The following two reports show how a village is destroyed properly:


Rank 3 went to Fantasy – “A mighty hero”

Regular training at the tournament square and countless adventures pay dividends, as the attacker doesn’t stand a chance:


A big thank you to all those who took part and sent us their interesting, funny and bizarre battle reports. It was a real pleasure! All those who are interested in taking a look at the other battle reports can do so on the German Travian forum

Kind regards,