Tea@Three – Julian

Tell us your Name / Nickname and how old you are
Julian “Wrathr”, 24

What is your profession?
WAR! WAR! WAR! (Reference)

How long have you been working for Travian?
A bit over a year

What’s your job at Travian? (Or what did they told you?)
I’m working as a Javascript Developer

What’s your favourite genre and game?
At the moment, Battlefield 4
But my favourite genre in general are strategic games

What was your first experience in online gaming?
I guess it all started with Diablo 2 over a decade ago

What is the biggest challenge for you in Travian ?
Making an awesome game

What would you do once you’ve achieved world domination?
Twinkies for everyone!

What should be the next invention?
I’m very serious with this one
We NEED the Hoverboard!

Short Questions:
Tee or Coffee? Coffee
Dog or Cat? Cat
Pop or folk music? Pop
Mobile- or Boardgame? Boardgame
Console or Browser? Browser

Shoutout (Write what you want):
“what you want”

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