The Travian-Amulet

Dear players,

it’s been some time since we celebrated our 9th birthday, a whole month, to be precise.

All birthday servers are running smoothly and players have been able to celebrate their first big successes on the new servers, too. So today, it is time for us to send a big ‘thank you’ to you, for all your creative, kind and amusing congratulation messages. We were hardly able to keep up with thanking each individual comment and thread. It was just awesome! And once again, we have confirmed: WE just have the best community and the best players in the world!

As you can imagine, it was a lot of work for us to to plan and realize all the different birthday events. Starting with the new servers, the birthday graphics, the raffles and much more.

In relation to this, you might have also heard about our 999 unique and limited Travian necklaces. To allow you some access behind the scenes of the amulet event, we have put together a little picture gallery.

But how did this story begin?

A lot of thought went into the event, demanding absolutely everything from all our team members in terms of creativity. Eventually, the idea was had to give all our players a nice and shiny amulet in the game. From there, it was only a stone’s throw to actually manufacture a real version of the amulet and to give it out in a raffle to our players all over the world. A schedule was set up and everybody got working.


The first step was to design an amulet for the game. Once the design was finished, the amulet was drawn up as a piece of jewelry, to make sure the proportions fit. As you can see, our art designers really have all it takes to make perfect jewelry designers.


Soon after, we received the first draft by the production company, which didn’t quite win us over. So a new draft needed to be made and this second one later turned out to become the final version as well. A small color adjustment was made and a leather string with closure was attached. And “hey presto!” there was our master piece!

We were happy to receive the 999 brand new pieces of jewelry in order to give them away to our players in a raffle.


What followed was a sensational and brilliant performance by our Customer Service Team, because every single amulet was sent to the lucky winners together with a letter. Believe us, it was a lot of work for many busy hands… but by now, each single amulet should have made their way across the globe to their new owner.


We, the dev-team, would like to say thanks to everyone involved in designing and manufacturing, carrying out the raffle and sending out the amulets to the winners. We look forward to the next big event.

Stay tuned!