Travian card game during Travian and Friends

During our event Travian & Friends 2013 (02.- 04.08.), we had a little surprise for all participants. For the very first time, the players were able to test the initial version of our new Travian card game for 2-4 players. Development of this game has started a couple of months ago and includes the most important mechanics of the game.

Following a rather slow start, a small group of very enthusiastic players emerged and played the game until the late hours of Saturday night. Even the approaching darkness could not stop the players from finishing the last of their 1-2 hour long game rounds. With the help of flashlights and glowing mobile phone displays, the eager players kept a close eye on their cards even after the sun had sunk.

Here is a picture from the first round, which still took place in bright sunshine during the day:


Here are the results of the different game rounds, with the collected points by each player during the round:

Round 1: 

Jana 16; Brian 7; Daniel 7; Christian 3

Round 2:

Jörn 12; Janick 8; Sonja 9

Round 3:

Sonja 14; Janick 10; Dario 10

Round 4:

Tino 17Sonja 17; Janick 12; Robert 9

We’d like to thank all our brave test players and congratulate all who reached 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place! 😉

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