Travian: Legends Tournament Report Vol.2 (Part 2/2)

…and we’re back! The nice players of our Tournament Groups D and E sent in their own reports and provide us with their insider perspective on the game. Read More

Travian: Legends Tournament Report Vol.2 (Part 1/2)

Hey Travian Folks,

It’s time for the next installment in our ongoing series of Travian Tournament Reports by our players themselves. After all, who but them can tell us what it is really like to be part of this crazy competition? Enjoy reading! Read More

Travian Tournament Reporter – A different kind of summary…

Hi Travians,
we just started with our little series of tournament reports and hope you like them as much as we do! Today we have a very special one for you. It is also from the first weeks of the tournament from group C. It comes directly from a player and it is a good mix of information, storytelling and a little bit of crazyness. To summarize it: We love it! Have fun reading 🙂 Read More

Travian Legends: Tournament Reporters Vol.1 (second part)

Here we go again. Today our players from the Brazil Server and the International Sever will tell us what has been happening so far in the ongoing Travian Tournament. First, a gripping tale from Brazil: Read More

Travian Legends: Tournament Report Vol.1

The yearly Travian Tournament is in full swing and we have asked a couple of our participants to report back to us and report on what is happening inside the game. Today, we take our first look and let the players tell us, how things are going. Read More

Travian: Legends – Get a clearer picture with the new report overview

A short while ago we released a new feature that makes your life in Travian: Legends easier: Clearer reports with numerous navigation options. Read More

Travian Tournament 2016 – Interview with last year’s winner

The Travian Tournament is all about being the best of the best! We all know that it’s a long way to the top of the Travian leaderboards. One who went all the way is Vali. He is one of our winners from last year’s Travian Tournament. We met him to talk about his experience and what it takes to become a champion in Travian. Enjoy reading: Read More

The Travian European Cup – Photo Contest

Take a picture of the finest piece of merchandise for a chance to win Travian Gold! Read More

Travian Football Contest – How To Participate

Even if we are right in the big battles of the tournament, there is also another tournament going on in the real world: The European football championship.

For all the football fans out there, we have a cool contest for you! Read More

The Travian Prediction Game – Join in!

Share your predictions in the Travian Betting Game and be handsomely rewarded! Read More