Tournament: Wildcard Raffle

The Tournament Finals are almost here!

Right now, Travian players from all around the world are battling it out over a chance to prove themselves in the Travian Tournament Finals. The fight between teams from over 20 nations is growing tougher by the minute. More and more territories are engaged in battle, causing entire armies to vanish.

When the Qualifications run their course, the wheat will be separated from the chaff, and only the strongest contenders will be allowed to enter the Finals. Well, only the strongest and those who are just damn lucky!

Did you miss the beginning of the tournament and are you sure you’re good enough to rival the best Travian players worldwide? Here’s your chance!

Leave your email address on our Tournament page until November 8th for a chance to win in our Wildcard Raffle – the lucky winner may go on to play in the Finals.

Sign up now, the real battle still lies ahead!

– The Travian Team

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We’ve dug out our photo album and invite you to reminisce about the good, old times in Travian.


If you have any screenshots, comics, images, videos or stories you would like to share from that time, please post them for the community to see! We look forward to seeing them!

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