Picture of the day: Alpha war

Word Hunt: You’ve found an egg!

Congratulations! You’ve found an easter-egg!

The word you are looking for is “from”!

Don’t forget to send the complete easter sentence to event@traviangames.com

Keep on searching!

Alpha diary: Settling has the highet priority

In our second post in the alpha diary series of the Travian V alpha, we would like to tell you about last week’s events. Recently, we started farming and increasing our resource production. At the start of this week, it will remain our main focus. The plan is to increase resource production so that we can soon settle our next village. Additionally, we will work on our culture point production, in order that this requirement for settling is fulfilled much quicker. Read More

Tea@Three: Rene

Here is our fourth edition of the weekly player Tea@Three. Today we introduce from Germany, Rene. He sent us also a picture of himself with his girlfriend and a screenshot of his account. So of course he will get a chieftain statue from us. Congratulations! Read More

From the scrolls of Henrik

My heroine is so fascinated by the new map of Europe that she is traveling miles to explore the new regions. In the desert, she found an abandoned oasis where a scroll from good old Henrik was hidden. Read More

Gamescom: Meer kumme!

For all of you who are asking themselves what kind of language is this headline? It´s a German term used around Cologne: “Meer kumme!” means “We´re coming!”.

Amulet Hide & Seek: Hello San Francisco (Found)

The amulet was found by Matthew on 21/08/2014. Congratulations!

This amulet is dedicated to Tyler. 

In Loving Memory of Tyler G/planesrock

TO/GA 5/14/13

After the big success in Germany, our Travian Amulet Hide & Seek made a big detour to San Francisco, California! So attention locals, please have a look at our Travian blog and find the hidden amulet with its 1,600 Gold voucher!
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Alpha Diary: The first days

As most of you will know, the T5 alpha started on Wednesday. We have decided to do an alpha diary. Before you ask: no, this is not to annoy those, who didn’t get a key. Rather, we just want to give all of you the opportunity to get a first impression of Travian V. On top of that the players of the alpha round are  also invited to read and comment here. You are invited to share your experience. Uncensored, we will keep you updated on how we are faring. As mentioned already, your feedback is important to us. Hence you will find posts from our closed alpha forum in this diary every now and again, in which other players describe their experiences.

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T5: Start of the Alpha

The wait is over! This afternoon our big alpha test of Travian V starts. Read More

Travian-Contest: Pixel Rallye

Watch out: one of our great Chieftain statues can be yours!

Let´s see how well you really know Travian! Read More