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T5 Beta Chronicles II: New week, new luck?

The first week went by quickly, and slowly but surely daily routine made its way into the game. Farming – upgrading villages – training troops.

But there’s also news for me, since I only play as a governor in the Alpha. Particularly extending the kingdom and the problems with other kings related to this are new to me in that sense. And that’s what you’ll be reading about.

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From the scrolls of Ambiorix

The heroine is still on the quickest route to Rome in order to warn the people of the imminent attack. Unfortunately, in her rush, she forgot her spurs in the village. Now she’s dreaming of nothing more than stepping it up a notch. All of a sudden her horse slows down severely, raises its hooves and starts neighing. They ran into a sanctuary. The iconic site must be of Celtic origin. On the altar she spots a scroll with a kind of forbidden spell. The spell is named “speed”. What’s the meaning of all this, she wonders? Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: There’s always another tutorial task

I entered the beta world at 2pm on the starting day. Following the completion of the tutorial and the activation of my account, the fun could begin. By now, I’m no great fan of the tutorial any more. I’ve played through it many times and as a veteran player, you become familiar with all the basic features of the game anyway.

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Halloween at Travian Headquarter

From the scrolls of Henrik

My heroine soon arrives in Rome. The trees are still shining in green, while high up in the north, the leaves have started to fall already. Nonetheless, it has become colder in the southern part of Europe, too. “Time for something warm”, she thought. Just in that moment, she spotted a Teutonic village in the distance. Upon her arrival at the local tavern, the heroine wanted to order warm mead. Unfortunately the pub was all out of the nice beverage. So she had to opt for another hot drink: tea. With her tea, she was served a scroll detailing the history of the infusion drink in Travian. Read More

T5 Video Blog: Usability

In the 4th episode of our T5 video blog Stepahn, our production director, is talking about the usability and the better game experience of T5.

He explains what will be new, too. In addition he talks a little bit about the T5 team and its work.

Introduction of the new T5 Reporter

As you might have noticed, Max, the T5 reporter has left for Vienna some time ago. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself.

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From the scrolls of Quintus

Still baffled by all the information about the Nordic mythology, my curious heroine is moving farther north to find out more about the Teuton tribe and uncover its legends. This time she reached the Teutonic city of “Cherusci”. There however she found out that the Teutons were planning an attack on Rome from their Rally Point! Thanks to the looted winter coats, she was able to blend in with the crowd. On the board hung a scroll of Quintus: A drawing of the newly-built City Wall of Rome. Looks like the Teutons aim to attack the tribe successfully despite the wall! Read More

From the scrolls of Henrik

Fully recovered, my heroine left the village to move farther north. This time, she brought along a water bucket, just in case. The village healer gave it to her, together with a scroll detailing the Teutonic version of the origins of the water bucket. The doctor, who was born in a Roman village, doesn’t quite believe in that story. Our heroine however is very happy to take the document. Read More