Travian Late Night is back!

Important news for those of you, who don’t follow us on Youtube:

1. Travian Late Night is back! In our new episode Michael and Stefan discuss several topics: the new Travian TV spot, a video in cooperation with New European Championship Wrestling and of course Travian: Kingdoms. Watch the video here.

2. And of course: Follow us on Youtube! We will update our channel more frequently with a lot of new material. Don’t miss it!

Travian Late Night Show 7

In the seventh episode of our Travian Late Night show it’s all about the new T5-Reporter, the Travian V closed beta and a new feature in T4.4.

In addition to that there will be news and a little overview about what we have planned for you in 2015.

Mysterious picture taken at Travian Headquarter

What are these three guys going to do LateNight at Travian HQ in Munich?

Travian Late Night 6

In the sixth episode of our Travian Late Night show we have a very Special guest. Valerio, the T5 lead-desinger stops by. We will talk with him about the T5 artworks, what kind of changes the players can expect and what the intention behind the changes is.

Travian Late Night 5

In the fifth episode of our Travian Late Night show we have a special guest from our IT department. Christian will give us an insight into the work of his departement. In Addition to that we answer some of your questions about T5 and some community Topics are represented as well.
Have fun!

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Travian Late Night Show 4

The fourth issue of our Travian Late Night show is a special edition. It´s all about the Ancient Europe summer special and our community – that’s why we’ve invited none other than Travian Product Manager Brian Terek to our Studio to answer all of your questions about the scenario.

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Travian Late Night 3

For the third issue of our Travian LateNight Show Michael and Max have prepared a lot of interesting topics for you.

In this episode we talk about Ancient Europe, T5, the qualification for the current tournament, a huge BBQ, our Amulet Hide & Seek and the GamesCom. Of course we also talk about your emails and your feedback to the show!

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Travian Late Night 2

Tonight, our second episode of Travian Late Night airs. Michael and Max were in the studio along with a special guest who gave us more details on one of the hottest Topics of the summer. You can see who that was and what other thopics we talked about in the following.

Our topics in Detail: The summer special, the current tournament, some competitions, the server starts and of course the biggest part is about you, our community!

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Travian Late Night: It begins!

On Sunday a new era for Travian Games will begin. For the first time ever there will be a weekly webshow all about Travian, the company, the players and the creators of the game. Michael and Max, the hosts of the webshow tell us what we can expect of it.

Thanks a lot for the chance to have you for this interview just before the start of Travian LateNight. Let’s start and introduce yourself to the readers. Read More

Trailer: Travian Late Night

Our dear colleagues Michael and Maxi are … well … special. In fact, they are so special, that we decided to give ‘em their own Travian web show called Travian Late Night.

We’d love to tell you, what to expect from that, but with those two guys – you never know!

Have fun with this little preview!