T5 Beta Chronicles: Of friend and foe

My switch to governor now lies a few days in the past. I’m still angry at the attacker who smashed part of my troops – even if it was only a relatively small number. But there’s no time to be grieving. A lot is happening in the surroundings of my main village. Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: The king says his goodbyes

The third week of the T5 Closed Beta is ill-omened. My kingdom is shrinking continuously, other kings set up camp around my second village and troop training has come to a standstill. What am I doing wrong? It all started so well?

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T5 Beta Chronicles II: New week, new luck?

The first week went by quickly, and slowly but surely daily routine made its way into the game. Farming – upgrading villages – training troops.

But there’s also news for me, since I only play as a governor in the Alpha. Particularly extending the kingdom and the problems with other kings related to this are new to me in that sense. And that’s what you’ll be reading about.

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T5 Beta Chronicles: There’s always another tutorial task

I entered the beta world at 2pm on the starting day. Following the completion of the tutorial and the activation of my account, the fun could begin. By now, I’m no great fan of the tutorial any more. I’ve played through it many times and as a veteran player, you become familiar with all the basic features of the game anyway.

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Alpha diary : The second village

In our third Travian V Alpha diary entry, we would like to report on our recent experiences. Last week we made preparations to be able to found a new village quicker — by increasing our production of resources and culture points. This week, we intend to found a new village as quickly as possible, expand the fields, and train more troops.

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Alpha diary: Settling has the highet priority

In our second post in the alpha diary series of the Travian V alpha, we would like to tell you about last week’s events. Recently, we started farming and increasing our resource production. At the start of this week, it will remain our main focus. The plan is to increase resource production so that we can soon settle our next village. Additionally, we will work on our culture point production, in order that this requirement for settling is fulfilled much quicker. Read More

Alpha Diary: The first days

As most of you will know, the T5 alpha started on Wednesday. We have decided to do an alpha diary. Before you ask: no, this is not to annoy those, who didn’t get a key. Rather, we just want to give all of you the opportunity to get a first impression of Travian V. On top of that the players of the alpha round are  also invited to read and comment here. You are invited to share your experience. Uncensored, we will keep you updated on how we are faring. As mentioned already, your feedback is important to us. Hence you will find posts from our closed alpha forum in this diary every now and again, in which other players describe their experiences.

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