Travian Beta Chronicles: Over and done with

At 8:24am it was all done and dusted. “alb” became the first player to finish their Wonder of the World at level 50 and scored victory for the SAMURAI, of which I am also a member. This marks the end of the Travian V Closed Beta. All the players were happy to see this good result despite the ups and downs along the way. Following the congratulations from each of the players, we promised to meet each other again in the coming T5 Beta. We have already set ourselves a clear challenge: Once again, we aim to be the alliance that completes the Wonder of the World.

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Travian Beta Chronicles: Battle of the three alliances

And so it begins. Our Wonders of the World are upgraded constantly and are quickly nearing level 50. Our Wonder of the World only just reaches level 38, when a massive offense is launched on it by the alliances “xtools” and “TR-WW”. Looks like tough times lie ahead.

The arch enemies

I’m not quite sure what to make of the other alliances, yet. “|bob|” of “xtools”, who is also building a Wonder of the World, is a face already familiar to me from the Alpha. At the time, two alliances got the win by merging just before the end. I really hope, such a thing won’t be pulled off again in the Closed Beta. Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: The Wonder of the World!

Now that my account has survived the Christmas holidays and New Year, the time has come. The Wonders of the World have appeared and the Closed Beta is now in the endgame phase. The battle for the all-important Natar villages is about to start. Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: Troops, troops, troops

Last week’s changes are showing good initial results, so I can move my focus back to training troops. I’m no longer missing out on upgrading my villages either and so they are growing again, even if in small steps. The endgame with the Wonders of the World is drawing closer. So it is essential to bring my troop count to the max and also ensure, at least partly, the supply of my army. Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: Changes

The sloppy work of the last week still hangs above my account like the sword of Damocles. While I have started to retrain the starved troops, training isn’t ever going to be the same as before. I have no idea why that is. I need to make some changes. Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: The Great Dying

Bildschirmfoto-2014-12-27-um-16.31.47The ninth week of the Closed Beta started great. Farms give me the resources which I put immediately in expanding my three villages. However, building troops remains the most important task in my main village. It’s pretty quiet on the server, even though the final phase lies just ahead. The communication in our alliance is getting better than in the first few stages of the server. This strengthens the sense of our community.

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T5 Beta Chronicles: Chiefing as the only way out

The experience report from the Closed Beta continues. My troop count is growing and crop once again is turning into a scarce resource. The inactive king from last week has not become any more active this week. I need crop. Quick! So the decision is easily made: His village will be chiefed. For that, I do however need to carry out some preparations. Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: Of Axes, Inactives and Catapults

I can look back on what was a rather successful week and hope this week things will stay that way. The money, or rather the resources, are rolling in and my troop count is going up unstoppably. There are still no attacks to be seen anywhere, so I can use the time to sim a bit. Yet there are some fundamental changes in the account.
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T5 Beta Chronicles: Keeping the troops occupied

Week six begins with the calm atmosphere I’m used to. Part of my troops is on vacation in an oasis, in order to keep the status quo of my presence there and to secure me the 25% crop bonus. The plan to annex another crop oasis, situated close to my village, is starting to come into fruition. That would however mean an attack on enemy territory, so for now I will hold back.
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T5 Beta Chronicles: Strong troops, weak troops

The silence in week five is eerie. No Scouts, no attacks, nothing at all. It’s very unusual and confusing. The training of my Scout army is progressing well nonetheless. I’ve passed the 500 mark. City and village upgrades are also going well. Read More