Comparison – Legends vs. Fire and Sand

When it comes to Travian, we like variety. If you have variety, you need an overview to make an informed decision. Therefore, we are about to compare our wonderful Travian: Legends with the oncoming special Travian: Fire and Sand. Read More

Fire and Sand: Feedback from the Closed Beta

Some of our players were lucky enough to take part in the Closed Beta of this year’s special with the title Fire and Sand. Those players were the first to really get to know The Huns and the Egyptians and have come back to us with a lot of helpful feedback. These beta players play an important part in getting the special ready for all of you. Read More

Travian: Fire and Sand – Round-Up

Heroes of Travian! The sound of war horns echoes across Ancient Europe once more. Players worldwide sharpen their blades in anticipation of this year’s annual special – Travian: Fire and Sand, launching September 2017. Now’s the perfect time to round-up what we have in store for you! Read More

New tribes, new buildings!

We already introduced you to the units, which the leaders of our new tribes will command in the next annual special. Now let’s take a look at the special buildings the Huns and the Egyptians will introduce to Travian. Read More

The Huns – Breakdown of the units

For our annual special in September, we have prepared two entirely new tribes for you: The Huns and the Egyptians. Those of course come with their own set of units! Let’s find out what they are, what they can do and of course: what they cost. Read More

New tribe: A few words on the Huns

This September, the battlefields of Travian will see the arrival of a new tribe: The Huns. This new playable faction will give the players of our next special a brand new Travian experience.

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Annual Special 2017 – The Huns in colors!

Earlier this week, we shared some concept art from our amazing artist Mel! Let’s have a look at how they look in color!
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Annual Special 2017 – Dev Diary #1 – How does it start?

For the annual special, our game design team has a very long list of stuff they’d love to do at some point. The new tribes were there for a long time, but they never felt comfortable implementing them. But this year, they said: “yes, we can do it!” In addition, they received a lot of valuable feedback from the community and this helped them to have a more clear idea of the direction they wanted to go.

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Annual Special 2017 – The Huns Sketches

A Hun is nothing without his loyal warhorse, so treat it well!
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Travian puts an end to the rumors!

You remember our April announcement? We bet you do, because it was full of cool things to come in 2017. Since we published it, there were a lot of rumors going around the different topics. We couldn’t stand the tention anymore, that is why we asked Ecki, our Game Director for a statement. Enjoy watching!…

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