Nostalgia in pictures – Part III

Welcome to the 3rd and final episode of our Nostalgia in pictures series. Today, we continue to share some comics and images from the past. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show! Read More

“Travian: Rise of Alliances” – Round-Up

The end of RoA draws near
The curtain on Travian: Rise of Alliances will soon close. We have launched a server for each language and we’d like to thank all the participants for joining and giving us plenty to cheer about. Read More

Nostalgia in Pictures – Part II

Last week we showed you a few comics and illustrations from the past. Read More

Rise of Alliances: Only the fast survive

To celebrate the start of our COM server for Rise of Alliances, we asked our players to compete for a prize. Read More

Nostalgia in Pictures – Part I

It’s been about two weeks since we launched the first Travian: Rise of Alliances servers and we hope you are enjoying our annual birthday special so far! The Travian veterans among you may have noticed some similarities to the old Travian “Classic” or “3.6”. There are no hero items, adventures or auctions in Rise of Alliances.


We’ve dug out our photo album and invite you to reminisce about the good, old times in Travian.


If you have any screenshots, comics, images, videos or stories you would like to share from that time, please post them for the community to see! We look forward to seeing them!

Rise of Alliances – Feature Presentation Vol. 4: Classic Strategy Comeback

We are back with one more feature for our anniversary special, Rise of Alliances, and this one could be a biggie for those hardcore Travian strategists among you: Read More

Rise of Alliances – Feature Presentation Vol. 3: Early Game Kickstart

If you are a seasoned Travian player, those first few moves when starting on a new server might have been ingrained into your very heart. If this is the case, you might want to join our anniversary special, Rise of Alliances, because this game is going to be quite different. Read More

Information about the Travian: Legends Forums

All forums are now back online! 🙂  Read More

Rise of Alliances – Interview with Game Designer Jake

Our preparations for the annual special Travian: Rise of Alliances are in full swing and there are only a few weeks left until it starts!

Our Game Designer Jake took the time to give us this video interview where we talk about what to expect in Travian: Rise of Alliances. Jake reveals information about the motivation, new features and the schedule. Read More

Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 2: Balancing Changes

Both players and game designers know how important it is: Good balancing is crucial for a competitive multi-player game. Only then will the gaming experience be worthwhile, motivating and challenging. That doesn’t mean however that there is the “perfect” way to balance all of the game’s components. Different approaches will lead to diverse game experiences, all of which can be equally entertaining. Read More