Travian: Kingdoms starts Open Beta!


At this very moment Travian: Kingdoms starts the open beta on the servers DE and COM.

The Russian players startet exactly one week ago. As current “Travian world champions” this was an honor they rightfully earned. On the Russian server, Travian: Kingdoms is a great success. More players are currently active in Travian: Kingdoms than on any other T4 live server. So far we encountered no errors or serious bugs.

Especially the last fact is a merit of our great testers from the alpha and closed beta versions. Sincere thanks to all of you from your Travian team.

Now have fun with Travian: Kingdoms. Register at and get started right away. To the swords!

Travian: Kingdoms – How to chief

As many players of the Closed Beta of our latest Travian version have asked us for more detailed information about chiefing in the game, we’ve prepared the answers to your questions below:


In general, the requirements of chiefing aren’t different to the T4.4 version. To chief a village, you need an Academy at level 20, a level 5 Rally Point and a Residence or Palace at level 10 or 20 (also level 15 for the Palace). Furthermore, a free expansion slot is required, in order to be able to research and train one of the valuable conquest units.   Read More

Start of the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta Server

A big moment for the Travian universe! In just a few minutes the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta will start with the Russian server. The German server, as well as the international one, will go live in a week from today.


Announcement: Travian: Kingdoms Open-Beta

Dear Travian players,

We can tell from your emails, posts and comments that many of you are already looking forward to this announcement. The time has come: The Open Beta of Travian: Kingdoms is about to start. Read More

Picture of the Day: New office spaces?


Dear Travian players,

In the games industry there are companies with slogans like “By gamers for gamers”. Here at Travian Games, we don’t have such a slogan, this idea is deeply rooted in our DNA. We develop our games for you. We play our games with you.

Travian players are remarkable in many ways. Not only do they spend countless hours playing Travian, but at the same time they live the game with a dedication that regularly amazes us and makes us very happy. In our Munich offices, you can often hear people say: “Our players are our most important feature.” Read More

The Sound of Travian

The last part of our series about sound in games will be all about the intentions behind integrating music and other sounds into our new Travian version. Adding sounds and music to the game has of course created some challenges for us.

The intention

A game becomes more interesting and vivid as soon as particular actions are accompanied by authentic sounds. With this acoustic accompaniment, the gaming experience our players have becomes more intense. This was the guiding principle when planning the new Travian version. Read More

Secret Societies

Secret societies have been fueling people’s imagination since the ancient times. In our new version of Travian, we make it possible for players to clandestinely work towards their goals that could otherwise easily be identified and prevented by their enemies – just like their ancient counterparts.

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and hidden knowledge that grants benefits in this life to those in the know, or access to friends on the other side, has always been very appealing. Secret societies hence evolved around rites and doctrines that promised access to powerful secrets or unearthly paradises. The first such esoteric secret societies can be traced back to the keepers of the religious rites in ancient Egypt. Here it was the priesthood that based their authority to a large extent on the possession of hidden, godly knowledge. Read More


The upcoming Travian gives the option to found empires in which a king controls the fate of the state and supervises the military, while their governors take care of the economic development in the villages. With this, Travian has taken a close look at history, as the former German principalities and kingdoms developed out of Teutonic tribal societies. Read More

Travian Beta Chronicles: Over and done with

At 8:24am it was all done and dusted. “alb” became the first player to finish their Wonder of the World at level 50 and scored victory for the SAMURAI, of which I am also a member. This marks the end of the Travian V Closed Beta. All the players were happy to see this good result despite the ups and downs along the way. Following the congratulations from each of the players, we promised to meet each other again in the coming T5 Beta. We have already set ourselves a clear challenge: Once again, we aim to be the alliance that completes the Wonder of the World.

Read More