Travian: Rise of Alliances – Feature Overview

It’s time for us to take a detailed look at Rise of Alliances x2. We prepared a little video for you, that will explain the rules and details about our new annual special. Read More

Get Ready for Rise of Alliances x2

You thought it was all over? It seems you do not know us very well, do you? In February, we will start another round of our succesfull annual special, “Rise of Alliances”. You, our players made the first Rise of Alliances the success it was. You not only played, conquered and vanquished but you also gave us invaluable feedback. Read More

Travian – A Year in Review

Here we are at the end of another year. And what a year it was. 2016 will probably not be anyone’s favorite if we look back on global events but if we reflect on the world of Travian, we cannot help but smile. Read More

My impressions of Travian’s 2016 Christmas party

A brief review

A successful 2016 filled with exciting tasks, experiences and new projects now lies (almost) behind us. Following an amazing Christmas party, we are now quickly approaching the most festive days of the year. Read More

Travian: Legends Equipment Contest

The end of the year is near and it’s time to start planning the next one! In 2017, we are going to update our Travian Store. What if you could propose your very own Travian themed merchandise and let us create it? With our Travian: Legends Equipment Contest, you can! Read More

Travian Tournament: The finals are here!

The qualification round of the Travian Tournament is over – the best of the best Travian players have been found and will soon enter the finals. We are preparing a fresh map for our brave generals so that the finals can get underway on 16th November. Read More

Travian Tournament: Everything about the finals

The annual Travian Tournament is in full swing. Right now, our best players are planing their last, most critical campaigns of the qualification round. In mid-November, the final round of the most important competition on the Travian calendar will begin. Read More

Travian – Outlook for 2016

The year is drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean we are getting lazy. Today, we’d like to tell you what you can expect in the next 2 months!

Travian Tournament Finals
Our qualification round for the 2016 Travian Tournament ended a while ago. Now, the Travian Team is getting things ready for the finals. If you couldn’t make it into the final, you can participate in our Wildcard raffle.

Christmas Special
The final season of the year is marked as a time of change in many cultures, and a time of sharing. We’d like to celebrate this occasion with you, the community, and will be hosting some cool events on Facebook!

Podcast Series
Join the Travian Team behind the scenes and look forward to our short podcast series, where we give you a glimpse of what it’s like to make Travian from our perspective. We can’t wait to talk with you all!

That’s all we can reveal for now. We hope you enjoyed this outlook and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Your Travian Team

Tournament: Wildcard Raffle

The Tournament Finals are almost here!

Right now, Travian players from all around the world are battling it out over a chance to prove themselves in the Travian Tournament Finals. The fight between teams from over 20 nations is growing tougher by the minute. More and more territories are engaged in battle, causing entire armies to vanish.

When the Qualifications run their course, the wheat will be separated from the chaff, and only the strongest contenders will be allowed to enter the Finals. Well, only the strongest and those who are just damn lucky!

Did you miss the beginning of the tournament and are you sure you’re good enough to rival the best Travian players worldwide? Here’s your chance!

Leave your email address on our Tournament page until November 8th for a chance to win in our Wildcard Raffle – the lucky winner may go on to play in the Finals.

Sign up now, the real battle still lies ahead!

– The Travian Team

Travian: Rise of Alliances – Hero Adventures Wrap-Up II

Welcome to the second part of our Hero Adventures’ Wrap Up! Today we’ll get down to the numbers. But before we do so, let’s take a look at Day 5, 6 and 7. Read More