T4.4 – Map, beginners’ protection and daily quests


The topics of the last few days were all regarding one particular category each. This won’t be possible for today’s topic. Today, I will write about the map, beginners’ protection and daily quest changes.
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T4.4 – The Rally Point

“We are saving the best for last!” You will see that this is certainly true.

Today, I will introduce you to the best change in T4.4 by far. I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. Just continue to read and make up your own mind about the change!

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T4.4 – Culture points, the basic requirement for each new villages

Today’s article will be all about changes regarding culture points. Culture points are one of the most important aspects of Travian and every player aims to collect as many as possible as quickly as possible, in order to settle or conquer more villages.

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T4.4 – Water bucket, adventures and balancing

In today’s blog entry, I would like to introduce you to the changes regarding adventures and hero items.

Ever since the first version of T4, the hero has played a significant role and has become ever more important for the game. This has also been the subject of controversial discussions. For example, many players shared the opinion, that hero items such as scrolls, artworks and water buckets had too great an influence particularly at the start of the game. Read More

T4.4 – All about the wonders of the world

In my second blog post regarding the changes in the T4.4. version of the Travian browsergame, I would like to introduce 4 new features, all revolving around the wonders of the world.Since the feedback we received about the wonder of the world changes on our birthday server was positive throughout, we have decided to keep them in the new version as well. Read More

T4.4 – production, crannies and hero bonus

Finally the time has come: The new Travian version will start this coming Monday on a number of game worlds.

It’s called T4.4 – you’ll still have to wait a bit longer for T5 :).The version comes with a range of changes us players have wished for and which have now been implemented. Over the coming days, I’ll provide you with a lot of information about the changes. Of course, I’ll also let you know my stance as a player on these changes, particularly where they affect game play and tactics. Read More

Introduction: Maxi, our T5 reporter


Hi, I am Maxi, the one who gives you the facts about the upcoming T5 version. I taped a video, so that you will know a little more about me. You and I are not always happy with the development team. Sometimes, we just want more information. I will change that 😉

Write a comment if u have further questions or would like that I report about a special topic.

Cheers Maxi

T5: The creation of a new world

When creating a new world, one of the biggest tasks is to decide on the shape. A “circle” already exists in RL, and we had something similar to a donut in T4. The old Romans believed they were living in a world the shape of a disk. We’ll use a disc then, as T5 will try to be fairly close to the stories of ancient times. Read More

Contest: Interesting, funny and bizarre battle reports

Yet another competition was held on the German Travian forum in November. They were looking for interesting, funny or bizarre battle reports. Now, you might assume this would mainly be about troop strength – but far from it. The opposite really was the case, for example a rat defending a village by defeating the attacking hero, or an attack with a single catapult that resulted in the destruction of a village.
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