Hashtag Rallye

The look of lucky winners.

This is Samuel. He had cleared the main prize in our hashtag rallye. Congratulations again. And to all who want sometimes win something, just keep your eyes open for more sweepstakes.

And here’s the game.

The artifacts

The architects slight secret/The architects great secret
The architects unique secret
unique baumeister-karte

The slight titan boots/The great titan boots
schnellere truppen-karte
The unique titan boots
unique schnellere truppen-karte

The eagles slight eyes/The eagles great eyes
Bessere späher-karte
The eagles unique eyes
unique späher-karte

Slight diet control/Great diet control
weniger getreideverbrauch-karte
Unique diet control
unique getreideverbrauch-karte

The trainers slight talent/The trainers great talent
schnellerer truppenbau-karte
The trainers unique talent
unique truppenbau-karte

Slight storage masterplan/Great storage masterplan/Unique storage masterplan
bauplan für große lager-karte

Rivals slight confusion/Rivals great confusion
großes versteck-karte
Rivals unique confusion
unique großes versteck-karte

Artefact of the slight fool
Artefact of the unique fool
unique narrenartefakt-karte

Interview Scattered Empire

Travian’s birthday is just around the corner and as you might know already, there will be another birthday special. We already published the name, Travian: Scattered Empire. In an interview, Martin, our minister of information, has been able to ask our game designer Jake about a couple of details. Read More

Birthday Special: Scattered Empire

Travians eleventh birthday is very close, that’s why we’d like to celebrate it with a birthday special. Here is what the developers are saying: Read More

Travian: Legends is celebrating its birthday

Travian: Legends’ birthday is coming up soon. For that reason we created something fantastic so you can join us in the celebration! Once more, we will launch a special server with new features, new gameplay and on top of that: more fun!Take a look here!
Stay tuned! Something big will be revealed soon!

And here is the game. Have fun!

Gamescom: Travian looks back

What a week! The Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is over and although it was a successful – and yet exhausting week in the Rhine metropolis for all members of the Travian team – our work at home in Munich doesn’t stand still. In our HQ we are already working on new ideas for Travian: Legends and Travian: Kingdoms. In our little picture gallery we want to show you some photos from Cologne that you normally might not see from a game company. Read More

First PTR for Travian: Legends!

Dear Players,

We are very happy to announce the first PTR for Travian: Legends for Wednesday 12th of August at 14:00 UTC+2.

So get ready to join the first Public Test Realm for Travian: Legends! Read More

Gamescom report – the first!

Here is the first little report from the gamescom. Read More

The community event reminder

The community event takes part at the gamescom 2015 in Cologne. And here is a little Reminder: It takes place on August the 7th, from 7 pm in the HoteLux. Learn everything about the coming features in Travian: Kingdoms. Also you can test our new Travian: Kingdoms app!

You’d like to take part, but you’re not registered yet? No problem.

Here are the most important informations:
When? August 7th, from 7 pm
Where? HoteLux, Von-Sandt-Platz 10, 50679 Cologne
Admission: 0,- Euro

You can find some more informations here.
We’re looking forward to see you there!

To prepare yourself: Here are the games! Travian: Legends and Travian: Kingdoms!

The invention of the Teutons

In Travian: Kingdoms and Travian: Legends you can choose whether to fight alongside the Romans, Gauls or Teutons. Each tribe has their own strengths and weaknesses, resulting in advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield. While the Teutons are represented as a homogeneous group in the game, in reality they never were a closed civilization or a people according to our modern understanding of these terms. The Teutons were actually made up of a group of tribes in the regions of north, east and mid-Europe. But where does our picture of THE Teutons come from? Our blog post will give you some insight. Read More