Travian For Dummies: 5 Tips for Scouting About

Scouting is one of the many keys to success in Travian: knowing what’s going on in your area and in fact all around the map will keep you secure and lead to better attack tactics. Long story short: information will win wars. Therefore, we assembled a few tips on how to use and train your scouts to the best of their abilities. Read More

Finals 2017 – War Diaries Week 13: Are the Rumors True?

It’s week thirteen of the Tournament Finals 2017 and Safiren has just delivered a new War Diary from the battlefield. Read below for her update on the recent happenings of this year’s epic and action-packed finals!

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Finals 2017: Player Interviews – hugo234 (NB-乾兌) & Evgeny (X3 WHITE)

We’re back with another edition of Player Interviews! In this round, we interview the experienced Chinese leader hugo234 (in-game: ‘qiongcun’) from the alliance NB-乾兌 in the south-east and Evgeny (In game: MalGanis) from X3 WHITE, a small Russian alliance also from SouthEast who conquered the World Wonder 100/-100 area from ND (Arabs). Read More

Meet the Team: Jessie, Senior Quality Assurance Tester

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Team! This time, we meet Jessie, our Senior Quality Assurance Tester. 

Hello Jessie! Thank you for allowing us to learn more about you and your job as a Senior Quality Assurance Tester. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and for how long have you been working for Travian Games?

Hi! I started an internship as QA Tester in 2012. My first project to test was Miramagia, but then I was told a position as a QA Junior will be vacant in Travian: Legends, so I took the opportunity and got the job! : ) Since that time, I’ve never left the team.

For our readers who aren’t familiar with the position, can you briefly outline your responsibilities as a Quality Assurance tester? Why is the QA one of the most important roles in the project?

A software/game tester needs to test new features regularly and verify bugs that have been provided by our Tech Support or Community Management teams. We approve releases and hotfixes regularly. If there are new features by the game designers, we discuss and document potential edge cases. And finally, we plan and write automated tests.

So, what does an average day look like for a Senior QA? How does it all start and end?

I first check all the tasks and prioritize then the whole QA team discusses work distribution. If there is time left besides daily business, I try to find out new ways to make our work easier, be it finding new tools, learning new technical skills or preparing/creating new workflow solutions for the team.

How has the QA process for Travian: Legends evolved over the years?

It has changed a lot! When I joined, we needed the help of developers for almost every step. Some processes took even a whole day. Today, we can do most by ourselves and most of the processes are done in 10 minutes. Additionally, we have implemented automated tests and thanks to that, we cover more places in less time.

Out of all the features and bugs you’ve tested which was the most challenging one to test?

When we introduced the new European map with regions and their artifacts, this was the test that was the hardest. I think we needed almost 3 months with 4 QA people to test thoroughly.

Do you have any particular highlights from your time as a QA tester for Travian: Legends? Any stories that come to mind?

I was able to convince the team that we need an estimation called “Testing Effort” for QA, so from that on, our test planning has improved!

We’re all gamers here and I know you’re a passionate gamer, what are your favorite games?

Oh, I love too many games! My favorite genre is RPG, both western and Japanese ones. My childhood was all about Pokémon, Dragon Quest Monsters, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, Valkyrie Profile and Tomb Raider! My current favorite game is The Witcher 3, but I also love the games from the Tales of… series and all the games from the Atelier series! And I’m not even done…

Last question, what’s something that most people don’t know about you? Any hidden talents?

I LOVE to sing and I have to admit I am good at it. I also have played the piano for 8 years and the violin for 3 years.


Thanks for reading this edition of our Meet the Team series! Tune in next month for our interview of one of the Travian: Legends artists!


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