Travian summer party 2016

Mild summer nights, relaxing at the beach by the camp fire. How boring is that? Anyone can do it. Travian came up with something special for this year’s summer party. Read More

Decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging

Dear players,

first of all a big thank you to all of you who gave us valid feedback here on the blog and in your local forum. And a big thank you to all Community Managers and Moderators who collected the feedback in their forum, translated it and passed it to us! Read More

Community Proposals


This post is already out of date – we’ve announced our decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging here

While I’ve collected your arguments last week, today I’ll write you about potential adjustments, we could do to address the concerns of our community. We want to find a solution in which we can release a feature which changes Travian strategies a bit, while keeping a balance for our game. Read More

Overview of Arguments


This post is already out of date – we’ve announced our decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging here

you know this is more or less the first time, where we try to engage in such a direct way with you as community. Saying that, I want to thank you for your arguments and patience. We still need to sort and categorize all your input and I really want to be honest with you – I am not used to work this way, but I really like to make it work. Read More

More Background


This post is already out of date – we’ve announced our decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging here

today we want to start discussing the announced changes. To have an educated discussion I want to provide some more insights. Read More

We listen!

Dear Community,

This post is already out of date – we’ve announced our decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging here

we have noticed how you’ve reacted on today’s announcement. And we care about your arguments, your questions and your opinion. Read More

Easter Contest – We have some winners!

Our Easter contest for 2016 is officially over and it’s time to announce our winners!

Thanks to everyone, who participated in the contest and submitted the correct answer to us.
It was “Happy Easter from Travian!”

Here are our lucky winners:

• Pat Aukett
• Aidan Mullins
• Cesrik
• Petra Vaculova
• Firefly
• Marijn Geerts
• Aaron Pierce
• Cedric Chemani
• Przemek
• Mike Braschel

Each winner will be contacted via email in the next few days. Until then, why not check your villages!

We hope you liked the word hunt and wish you all a good start into this year’s spring 🙂

Travian: Kingdoms: New building offers free mini games

Short waiting times are as much a part of Travian as Theutates Thunder is a part of a good Gaul army. Experienced players know that this time is best spent planning and communicating with their own alliance. Read More

The Travian Word Hunt!

Today is Easter Day, a day full of fluffiness, hide and seek, bunnies and chocolate. In celebration of this day, we will be running a small contest for the next couple of days. No worries, you don’t have to be a master in egg coloring or post a selfie showing off your best (or most embarrassing) bunny costume. You just need a bit of luck and a creative mind!

As you may have noticed, this text looks quite odd as it’s full of links. We can assure you that there is nothing wrong with our blog or the author. We posted the links on purpose: They either lead to an Easter Egg or words that make up a secret sentence. Just combine the special words and send your solution to by March 31st.

We’ll randomly select 10 winners from all correct entries. Each of these winners will receive 400 Gold for Travian: Legends or Travian: Kingdoms.

Don’t delay and flex your combination skills! From all of us here on the Travian team we wish you all a Happy Easter!

Find the Terms and Conditions here!

Conditions of participation for the “Easter” contest

Travian Games GmbH (called “TRAVIAN GAMES” hereafter) is carrying out a contest for Easter. Participation in the contest and the prize draw is subject to the following conditions:

§1 Participation
(1) Participation is possible via the usage of the social media channels of TRAVIAN GAMES.
(2) Regardless of other provisions, residents of Italy and Spain are excluded; the same applies to all individuals working in the browser game industry.
(3) Participation in the contest is voluntary and free of charge – with the exception of arising costs for using the Internet, which have to be borne by the participant.
(4) The contest begins on March 27th 2016 and ends on March 31st 2016.

§2 Prize draw
(1) From among all participants, TRAVIAN GAMES will draw the winners of ten gold vouchers to be used in the game Travian: Kingdoms or Travian: Legends. The prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for a cash payment.
(2) Upon the end of the contest, the winners will be contacted in writing by TRAVIAN GAMES via the email address provided for the contest.
(3) Should a participant at any point choose to no longer be considered in the prize draw, they can inform us of this decision with a corresponding note.
(4) There is no right of appeal.

§3 Data protection
(1) Within the framework of the contest, the email address of the participant will be stored on a server located within the European Union.
(2) TRAVIAN GAMES will of course treat all personal details that have been submitted by the participant over the course of participation with strict confidence and while observing applicable data protection provisions.
(3) In particular, TRAVIAN GAMES will not pass on personal data to third parties.

Travian Games GmbH
Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Straße 22
80807 Munich
District Court Munich, HRB 173511

VAT no. DE 246258085
Managing Director: Lars Janssen

Phone: +49 89/72016125 (no game support)
Fax: +49 89/217560203 (only Plus support)