Travian for Dummies: 10 Tips against farming

It can be rough for newbies to not get farmed right away by their opponents who have the advantage of being Travian players for a long time. What is farming anyway you ask? Well, farming means that another player has chosen one or several of your villages as a target of regular attacks. If he is successful in these attacks he gains resources and hero-points. He gets these points if his hero manages to kill your troops. And he steals your hard-earned resources.

Here are ten tips for you in order to make it easier to prepare for those veteran players on the hunt for a new farm. Don’t let it be you!

  1. When the game begins, you can choose an area to settle your village in. The south is often full of other players, so the north tends to be your best bet.
  2. If you see a lot of enemy players on the map after you settled down, don’t hesitate to delete your village and start anew, to not get raided right away.
  3. You will be attacked a lot more often if it’s lucrative for your enemy. So, make sure to build up a good defense. Additionally, make sure that the level of your crannies is higher than your resources. Otherwise, spend those resources, so your enemy doesn’t get as much.
  4. You should have a few troops early on. As soon as you have enough to attack, look for a player who has less than you and attack him. This way you build up your hero and resources and can recruit troops faster.
  5. Try to become a member of one of the top 20 alliances. A lot of players don’t have the courage to attack someone who is part of one of the best alliances, because they fear retaliation.
  6. In the beginning, your hero points should always go towards “fighting strength”. This way your hero has enough power to defend and attack.
  7. Only later will your crops give you enough points to have a bigger population. In the beginning, you can use them exclusively for your hero.
  8. When an enemy failed to attack you, thanks to your strong hero, retaliate right away, so that your enemy know that you don’t take kindly to people trying to raid your village.
  9. Create a farm list for your own purposes. Note, which villages can be attacked and after you attack them, note how many points you earned by doing so. If your attack earned you a high return, that village might be a good target for the future. In short: Be the farmer, not the farm.
  10. Use scouts in order to spy on other villages and see how high their population is and if it’s worth to attack them.

If you abide by these guidelines, your first steps in the world of Travian will be a lot easier. We wish you successful raids and a good time in the game.

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