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Last week we told you that we want to start with our player Tea@Three. As of now 19 people have replied to us! We are really happy with so many responses. As of today we are starting with our first Player! Because he was the first one to reply to us and he even sent a picture of himself and his account! So as we announced earlier, we will give the first chieftain to Henrik from Sweden!
Congratulations Henrik!

1. What is your name/nickname and how old are you?
My real name is Henrik Apitzsch but on travian I’ve known as “Apo” which I nick when I play.
2. Are you still in school, a student or working already?
For exactly one year ago I graduated from Spyken upper secondary school in Lund, Sweden. Since then I’ve been working as a personal assistant in a nursery class where I’ve been helping two boys at the age of 6, which were in need of extra assistance to function normally.
This fall I’ll start studying to become a doctor.
3. Where are you from or where do you live now?
I’m born and raised in the city of Lund, Sweden, where I’m still living. My mother is from Sweden while my dad originally comes from Austria.
4. For how long have you been playing Travian? Is there a favorite server that you prefer to play?
It was the year of 2006 when I first discovered the wonderful world of travian. That is 8 years ago and I’ve been hooked since then. I’ve been taking short breaks from travian but I always ends up on a new server.
My favorite server is the slow ones. The speed (x3) servers are too fast for my taste. I’m also really looking forward to this summer special server called “Ancient Europe” which I think will be a great deal of fun.
5. Do you play a solo account or do you have a team you’re playing together with? (short report about duals)
Sadly I always play solo. The reason behind that is that I’m in some ways a perfectionist. I want my account built exactly the way I want it. For example: It is really important for me that every building is built in the exact same place in every village of mine. I remember one time when a sitter build a warehouse in the wrong place. For three days I tried to live with it but then I just had to destroy the warehouse and build it in the “right” place.
6. Do you have a favorite tribe that you always play with?
I believe that every tribe have their own charm. So I don’t think any tribe is better than the other. But for me personally I’d have to say that I fancy the Romans. Mostly because they have the ability to build both a resource field and a building at the same time! It really helps when you want to develop support villages fast and without using too much gold.
7. Is your game offensive or defensive-based?
On the servers that I’ve been playing I’ve mainly been playing offense. I think that’s the most exciting way to play the game and luckily for me been playing with great defenders which have helped me a great deal.
8. Do you play other games apart from Travian?
Yes, when I was younger a played a great deal of warcraft 3. Later on I’ve been playing games such as modern warefare 2 & 3 and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.
10. Which external tools do you use for Travian? (short explanation as to why)
A calculator. I believe that you can solve many of your problems in travian with a calculator. Travian is all about math and logic. So if you have a calculator you can calculate more or less everything.
I’m also often using the webpage of http://travian.kirilloid.ru/ which contain a lot of neat information about the game.
11. What is the biggest challenge in Travian for you?
That’s a really good question! I think that for me personally it’s about maximizing my performance. Every server I play I try to preform better than the last one. If I got the second village after 8 days the last server I want to have my second village after 7 days on the next one.
12. What’s the most fun for you in-game?
To meet people with the same passion for the game and work together as a unit. Many players that I’ve been playing with have become my friends in real life.
And of course it is always funny to launch a successful attack or create a perfect wall that the enemies run straight into!
13. What do you think about the changes to Travian and why do you think that?
I remember that I was really disappointed when T4 arrived. I thought that was the end of my travian gaming. But I gave it a shot and realized I was wrong. After a month of playing T4 I realized that I from now on never could go back to play 3.6.
I’m looking forward to T5 but in the short future it is the “Ancient Europe” server that I’m hoping will start any time soon!
14. Are you active on the Travian forum?
A bit on the forum of my own country (Sweden).
15. Something you always wanted to share with the community:
I’ve always wanted to thank the people behind travian for creating this magnificent game!
16. Send us a screenshot of your account:


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