Turnier: Infos zur Qualifikation

Wie ihr wisst, steht uns das diesjährige Turnier nun kurz bevor! Die Qualifikationsrunde wird auf sechs Gruppenservern ausgetragen werden: Zwei davon sind internationale Server (ein COM-Server sowie ein arabischer Server), während vier Server mit Spielern aus je einem Gastgeber- und drei Gastländern gefüllt werden.  Read More

Travian Tournament 2017

It is that time of the year again: We call our best and brightest players to assemble and battle each other on the fields of the Travian Tournament once more!

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Travian speaks your language! Fun facts from our localization expert

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Travian is a global phenomenon. After all, the version you are playing is probably in your native tongue. Whether you play in English or Hebrew on an international server, each and every sentence you encounter in Travian went through our localization process first. To help you understand what a huge undertaking it is to adapt Travian to different languages, our localization expert Robert gathered five fun facts for you..

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Travian Legends: Time for more teamwork!



Fellow players,

whether you choose to play as a Roman, Gaul or as a Teuton, changes are coming to Travian. As we announced some time ago, we will implement two features we first introduced in our Rise of Alliances special into our normal servers.

We of course asked our community to give us feedback on the features you would like to see included and we have to thank you for your feedback. The dice has been cast and we can now officially confirm that the following two features will be included in all upcoming servers of Travian: Legends starting the 10th of May (no worries, servers that are currently running wont be affected). Read More

Let’s read a Travian story! Guess what happens next…

Salve, glorious warriors. Today we invite you to join us on exciting stories about Mark Atilius, our Travian hero. The best thing is, that every story comes directly out of the community. Enjoy reading! Read More

Travian goes Spartan – Part #2

In ancient Sparta, only the toughest Warriors lived and fought for their freedom. They managed to withstand several challenges in order to become of the best warriors in history. Even though the Spartan empire is long gone, Travian Games tried to walk in their footsteps. Enjoy reading, how we tried to become real warriors, too!   Read More

Travian goes Spartan – Part #1

Spartan warriors are famous for their resilience, strength and determination. They serve as a daily inspiration for not just the players and game designers of Travian but also for the organizers of the “Spartan Race” in Travian’s home city of Munich Read More

Tons of new features are coming!

#1 – Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth and change. With that in mind, at Travian we are happy to announce a lot of new features and changes across the board. Whether they’re on our gaming servers, our forums or in terms of special events – change is all around. Read More

End of the Travian Tournament Finals 2016

After long and hard fought skirmishes, the last battle is over – The Travian Tournament 2016 has ended with a bang! Read More

Another look back: The Travian Annual Special History Pt. 2

Last time around, we talked about the early days of our annual celebrations. The last entry in that blog post was about 2014’s Ancient Europe, which changed a lot of Travian’s usual mechanics and featured a map of the titular ancient Europa. Read More